Friday Fodder

Friday, February 13, 2009
I like to think I'm relatively decent looking, kind of cute and might be worth checking out. However, I don't know if a nude photo of me would ever sell for mucho dinero. I really don't think it would. Maybe one of my calves, but that might be stretching it.

But, look at Madonna collect the money for her photo - $37,500 for a photo of her pre-makeup, vein popping arms and crazy coned bras.

Who knew?

Anyway, she only made $25 for the full frontal picture in 1979 when she was desperate for money. FYI, if I desperately needed money, I would make sure to charge a hell of a lot more than a measily 25 dollars.

Would you photograph nude and how much would you charge for it?


Lil' Woman said...

I would like to think I would (if i had a nice enough body) but I think going into teaching that would be frowned upon.

lucklys said...

alright, here i go again with way too much extra information about myself to spare.

i've taken nude photos of myself. not erotic, not sexual, just simple, nude photos. i even sold a copy of one on my art website. and it was a big framed print. it was just an experimental phase for me at the end of 2007, wanted to see how i felt about it. to be honest, i probably won't do it again.

either way, i've done it, someone in michigan has a framed print of me on their wall, and yeah. that's all i got.

oh, i think i earned $45 commission off of the selling price, which was $89 or something. not a lot, but i didn't even mean to sell it.

(my mother was not happy with me about this, ha)

Anonymous said...

Just what you need....Another pair of shoes..Love, Dad