Dating traits 101

Last night as I was trying to watch Desperate Housewives (yes, some of us have stuck through all seasons, the BF was reading to me "five traits a guy should have before getting serious."

For kicks, I encourage him to read them out loud and pause DH because this will probably get funny at some point. We laugh about them and I immediately say it's all lame, so here's my take on these traits that every man should have before you get serious....supposedly.

Dating Trait #1: He Knows What He Wants
Does anyone ever really know what they want? Ever? If they did, would the divorce rate really be at that crazy high number?

Dating Trait #2: He Has a Sunny Outlook
What the hell is this about? I have a sunny outlook most days except when people can't drive in rain, wreck their cars and cause me to be late into the morning. I also have a sunny outlook with my daily workouts, which I'm kicking ass by the way, until grown women can't read signs distinguishing the walk vs. run lanes, walk with their purses and take up 60% of the track. (If you are working out, put the damn purse down.)

Dating Trait #3: He's Open to Changing for You
WHAT! Does that mean everything I ever read in Seventeen isn't true? Newsflash - I'm pretty sure he's not going to change and neither are you.

Dating Trait #4: He's Still a Little Mysterious
Um... mysterious like sexy mysterious or I-have-a-secret-porn-addiction mysterious.

Dating Trait #5: He's Responsible with Money
Ok, this might be the only one I agree with because I sure can learn a thing or two from someone who is responsible with their money. I'm getting better, slowly but surely, I'm improving.

What are the dating traits you look for in men or women?


Katelin said...

i'm with you, i only agree with the last one. the rest are slightly ridiculous.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...


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