Friday Fodder

Friday, March 6, 2009
My blog skills have been lacking this week. I'm not feeling as witty, funny or creative when it comes to sharing my loud opinion on this little blog. But, that's what friends are for!

Last night a group of us decided to hit up Sushi Rock for Tsunami night, which is something I forgot I loved going to. I don't think I've been in there in almost a year, but the calamari and I made up for lost time. It just so happened that another group of friends was going to be there later so after we finished 2 calamaris, a salad, edamame, and 7 rolls and three cocktails each, we slowly walked over to the bar to meet our other friends. (There was five us and we like to eat and drink if you can't tell.)

OK, on to my story. A friend was set up by another friend on a first date-sort-of-meeting if you will that night. The 6 of us hung out at the bar while she was chatting it up with this guy who I still think I know, but can't figure out how I know him.

Fast forward an hour and we've all moved to the lounge area, are sipping on pomegranate martinis and he's still chatting it up with my friend.

Because girls HAVE to go to the bathroom in groups, my friend Erin followed me. She knows I hate this but always does it.

Erin - "I don't know what to think of that guy."
Me - "What? Why? I think I know him and I'm not sure how."
Erin - "You think you know everyone and you don't."
Me - "I don't know everyone, I just have a good memory. I wonder where I know him from...."
Erin -"Well Danielle tried to hook me up with him years ago, I said no and now she's introducing him to Jamie."
Me- "So, what's your point? He seems nice and it's a first date sort of. It's harmless."

Erin- "He looks uncomfortable." Thinking hard, "Like he has to poop or something."

Random girl walks into the bathroom and starts laughing as she hears Erin say that.

Me - "Well, I'd be uncomfortable too if I had to meet a date for the first time with us there. Wouldn't you?"
Erin - "I don't know, but I still thinks he has to take a poop."


Always a Bridesmaid said...

So how did the nite end? Did they exchange numbers?

Allison M. said...

I think they might have. It was less about the date and more about my friend's insane comments.

Anonymous said...

I am always wary of men who look like they have to poop.

Just one of my deal breakers.