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Friday, April 10, 2009
So Cleveland's weather might be a little iffy in April, but it held up last night for a great tour on E.4th for me and some friends. I started out at Corner Alley for a work function, then headed over to The GreenHouse Tavern for the Facebook Funkadelic party.

(check out the flickr page for more photos)

If it's on your radar of places, you won't be disappointed at all. (Hell, that whole alley is the cutest place to hang out in the spring and summer.) I tried a few appetizers like the radish, french fries and a few more they were passing around. They have custom wine glasses with their logo on them, too. I was really impressed with the layout and decor. It's pretty much unlike any other restaurant in the Cleveland area. It's a very clean palette of colors with dark wood features, a cement bar and what I kept calling bicycle lamps hanging from the ceiling. (There's also a huge story the green certification but check out the site for more of their story.) The place was packed from 7 p.m with a live band and there weren't any signs of it slowing down either.

Next we ventured over to La Strada for a glass of wine and another appetizer, where we finally called it a night. It was an overall great night out and who even needs the weekend when you can pretend you are in college and make Thursday night the night to go out.

If you live downtown, I'm jealous because there are some very cool places to hang out, and you are only a hop, skip and jump away from your home.


Suzanne said...

We ended up at Lola for dinner/additional appetizers afterwards. I have not been to La Strada yet, is it good?

And I am a nerd because I bought the shirt yesterday and had to wear immediately.

mhjozwiak said...

Oh my gosh! I'm not from Cleveland, but I totally follow the owner of that restaurant's blog! You should check her out.

mhjozwiak said...

Ph! Nevermind. I see her on your blogroll...