meow, meow

Let's just get something out of the way right away - throwing an animal isn't cool, Kenley. I loved your designs until you got cocky toward the end of your Project Runway time. I love a confident girl, don't get me wrong, but I despise when reality people start yelling at the judges.

I love cats. I once owned one named Captain Jack of Octopussy, but when I moved in wit the BF, I had to send him into retirement with my parents. He was such a cute little guy. He followed me around and I even taught him to fetch...tampons. He liked the plastic crinkling noise, so if you threw one, he was chasing after it.

In college, Captain Jack and his partner in crime, Hobbes, provided my 7 roommates and me with a ton of excitement and free comedy. The cats would try to escape on a weekly basis from our house and even climbed out on the third story through a hole in the screen. We only noticed after we had locked the house and were getting in the car. They tried running out the front door and even would disappear into the scariest basement you've ever seen in your life. Needless to say, they survived but now both cats live with our parents. (Notice a pattern?)

Anyway, if you are in a fight with your significant other, try not to launch a cat at the other person because PETA will be at your ass faster than you can say pussycat. Although, maybe she'll partner with Hello Kitty and design a line of cat clothing to make up for it.

Sidenote: If she would've in fact married the ex-fiance who she threw the cat at, her name would've been Kenley Penley. Maybe that's why she tossed the cat at him, I wouldn't want my names to rhyme either.


lucklys said...

my cat lives with my parents as well. i'm hoping to import him to my current living situation soon, but until then, he's fine with them.

i love the last paragraph about her name rhyming, haha, classic.

LBluca77 said...

Captain Jack of Octopussy is the best name ever! Now I am looking at my cat in disgust because she does not know how to fetch me tampons.

Fizzgig said...

my cat fetches paper balls. Um, and by fetching, I mean shell run after them and bat them around and bring them back 3 feet out of my reach and cry for me to throw it.

Fetching tampons is a useful skill.

Je (20-Something) said...

That biatch is CRAZY! I could never stand her whining on the show. And now I think it's hilarious that she's in the news everywhere for a domestic violence charge where she threw crazy shit at her boyfriend. Like a cat. What?!