naturally thin my ass

I read everything and anything I can get my hands on - books, magazines, blogs, etc. My favorite magazines to read are Lucky, Glamour, Elle and Marie Claire (as long as they don't throw celebs like Lindsay Lohan on the cover for no reason. Otherwise, I cancel subscriptions - sorry MC.) Love the fashion, the columns and most of all the articles.

What I can't get over is how people really think celebs look the way they do on the cover.

random girl in magazine aisle: "OMG. She looks aaaammmmmazing. Why can't I look like that?"

Um, here's an honest answer: Because she's not real! Her arms, chin, and knees are slimmed, color corrected and adjusted to make her look just right. She's just plain not real. For older women, we get this fake ideal isn't obtainable, but it's rather a graphic designer's dream and the magic of a little InDesign to make them look extra sparkly.

But younger girls don't unless someone explains this to them. And, worse, they see pictures like this of Miss Universe Australia and desire to look like her. (Seriously, click on the link because the image is disturbing that someone considers that a healthy ideal.)

She's scary thin. So, now have we not only made young girls think they should play dumb like Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton based on their reality shows, we now want them to have their ribs protruding from their bodies.

What's next? Tanning and implants for 10-year-olds?

Oh, wait, the pageant moms might have that covered already.


lucklys said...

um, yeah, that's just disgusting. the fact that she even got that far before they decided that, yeah, she *might* have a disorder, is beyond me.

it's really sad what the world has come to in terms of how women should look versus what's healthy.

Katelin said...

i am right there with you, it's just plain creepy how thin some girls are. and um i don't believe any magazine cover any more, too much touching up and what not.

Maureen said...

I never thought I'd prefer my body over a beauty queen's, but Ms. Autralia just proved me wrong! That is seriously disturbing

Fizzgig said...

I dnot know how you can be that thin. Im probably 3-4 times bigger, but since ive lost weight, I find it uncomfortable to lay/sit certain ways, and I still have plenty of fat between my bones and skin. I seriously wouldnt want to know how it feels to be that thin.

Je (20-Something) said...

Ewww sick! I abhor unhealthy skinny girls. Eat! I think food makes everything happier. ;)

Katie said...

Kudos! Marissa Miller is totally hot, but this alien-looking photoshopped picture of her does not do her justice, nor anyone else for that matter.

I'm finally starting to be ok with my "softball player legs and cankles". It's only taken almost 3 decades...

Goddam media and unrealistic expectations.

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