schick says mow your lawn

Monday, April 6, 2009
And not the one outside in your yard either.

How clever!?! Calling the "lawn" your female hair down under? Oh.My.God. You know a man came up with that stellar idea.

How drunk was the jingle guy? I guarantee it was probably a group of men, drinking late one night who came up with this amazing idea of how to relate razors to mowing grass but secretly talking about shaving your lady parts.

A show of hands please... who has waxed their area into a heart? Maybe a symbol of some type? Anyone colored it? (Way back when, I remember reading articles, probably in Cosmopolitan, about coloring your hair red or pink.)

Lastly, I can think of a lot of other favorite things to do, and it's definitely not shaving my V either.

Although, I'm still humming the jingle and played it for several people. Every person said, "A man came up with that."


Fizzgig said...

i totally want one of these. i like the commercial where the hedges are v shaped. lol.

You want to know something men came up with? That stupid commercial that says to "have a happy period" like hearing that 10 times a day is going to work by suggestion. only someone w/o a period would say something as ignorant.

Katelin said...

haha i saw this earlier! so insane!

Allie said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. That's just . . . wow. (also, the word verification word that showed up below is almost an obscenity.)

Maureen said...


stealthnerd said...

Apparently women are getting out of control down there b/c lately I've seen a surge in products that make references to lawn maintenance or the shapes of bushes (you know the one where the topiaries morph when the girls walk by). Is this some epidemic I'm unaware of?

The Modern Gal said...

Um the shot where she's sitting with her legs around the bush? Good grief.

Teri said...

I prefer the phrase "tending the garden".