Spit in private

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
I'm not usually grossed out by many things. The typical gross things don't really gross me out like blood, vomit or dog poop. My stomach doesn't easily turn for some reason. However, it will turn in a quick second when I see public spitting. I don't know what it is but I get instantly grossed out to the point where I might vomit.

It's one my biggest pet peeves and in public is even worse. I find spitting to be incredibly gross, unrefined and disgusting. Blah, eww, (this is me making gross faces.)

If you are running and need to spit, I can understand that because chances are most people aren't paying attention to you because they are driving. Or, if you are pretty much by yourself, I can maybbbbbeee see how you think you could spit in private. However, don't spit in public. Just don't.

The BF says he has an over production of saliva so he needs to spit occasionally. In front of me and in public.

Newsflash: No you don't!

Let's just say it doesn't EVER go over well with me. I immediately roll my eyes and point out how gross it is and feel nauseous. It's not even a powerful spat either. It's a wimpy one that I would describe as "dripping from his mouth." It's gross, stop doing it!

If you need to spit occasionally, you'll need to avoid doing it in front of me. For instance, we were leaving Bar Louie in Legacy and he spit on the pretty cobblestone. Seriously? You just spat in front of me AND like a hill billy in Legacy Village?

Ewww. Gross. Here's hoping my posting will cure you of your nasty habit.

What's your pet peeve?


Fizzgig said...

Psh I have eleventy billion pet peeves. most of them cured by living alone. I like things a certain way and living alone makes me feel less nuts.

my code word is beers. awesome!

steph anne said...

Haha, I agree with you. It rarely rains in Arizona so the thought of spit drying up on the ground is disgusting.

My pet peeve of the day is when I'm at a co-worker's desk having a conversation and this other gal comes up to talk to my co-worker interrupting our conversation. So in the middle of her yapping away I walk off to my desk without smiling or saying anything.

Seriously if I walk over to a co-worker's desk and see that they're in a conversation with someone else.. I leave and come back later.

Laura said...

This is for sure one of mine and I cannot understand older men on the street spitting. Yuck. I also cannot stand rudeness like not holding a door for someone else.

P.S Come on by. Tag your it with some Q and A. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

What do you do with that stuff in your throat when you are sick??..Swallow it?? I doubt it..Nothing like a good hocker every so often to clear the throat..F.A.T.

Allison M. said...

Fizzgig - if I could only be so lucky...

steph anne - that gets me everytime. if it's urgent, interrupt but just come back.

Laura - I don't mind the door opening as long as you don't wait 2 minutes for me to come up to it.

Anon - thanks dad but you can sign things "dad" and spitting is still gross.

Anonymous said...

Oh AP, I could write a f-ing novel about the things you do...scratch that...DON'T do that annoy the shit out of me. While it's true, I do spit when I feel the need to spit and I do chrew on my nails, here's just a few reasons for why I SHOULD GET PAID TO LIVE WITH YOU:

- you don't sweep
- you don't mop
- you don't dust
- you don't wash dishes
- you don't dry dishes
- you don't clean your nasty f-ing bathroom
- you don't clean the shower
- you don't check the mail
- you don't take out the garbage
- you don't pick up your clothes
- you don't push in drawers
- you don't close cabinets
- you don't put ANYTHING away
- you don't know how to order off a restaurant-supplied menu
- you don't know how to merge with traffic
- you don't know what good music is
- you don't know how to sit still
- you don't know how to be quiet
- you don't know how to unplug
- you throw temper tantrums like a 1st grader and require constant attention.

While many of these things are not gross in general, they do provide for a gross living environment when not attended to regularly (or in your case, NOT AT ALL!)

To take a few words from your book, read as "things I need to work on immediately"

Congrats my love...Pulitzer Prize winning material!

yours truly, bf
(this should make for interesting conversation tonight)

Allison M. said...

I do know how to order off a restaurant-supplied menu and my merging is getting better.

And, I do do dishes - it's called the dishwasher.

Smash said...

I was running today and I had to spit. And I didn't because I read this blog yesterday.

Thank you for curing me. The world has one less spitter.

I do have one question... how do you brush your teeth?

PS the word verification for me is "stort." Is that when you snort your spit?

Allison M. said...

Smash - Well, spitting why you run only bothers me a little because you can spit in the grass.

I'm weird and have weird pet peeves.