Friday Fodder

Do you want to know what irks me?

People who take naked pictures and then don't own up to them. And then who blame it on a natural weather element like wind and an over-zealous photographer with a trigger finger.

1) No one forced you to wear a shrunken vest that wouldn't even fit a five-year-old.

2) You could've asked the assistants to turn the fan off.

3) Don't give that gust of wind crap that blew open your shrunken vest.

4) Your friends totally took the picture of you in pink briefs to send your BF versus homemade "test" shots.

5) You can be Christian and take naked photos. We don't care, really, you can but don't put yourself on a pedestal because you can get knocked off.

6) You can get knocked off by that gust of unassuming wind.

7) You said it yourself - the wind can be powerful! You know never know when a gust will come through next and blow your pants off.

I think it's pretty obvious that every girl from here on out has taken nude pictures or has a sex tape or two floating around ex-boyfriends rooms. I haven't and I'm not sure why we are still surprised by this. If you take them, just own up to them and take responsibility for it. Truthfully, if the worst you can do is a few topless photos, acknowledge them, walk away and take the highest bidder for your next photo shoot in Maxim or Playboy.

We both know it's in the works!


LBluca77 said...

I hate Miss California. As a californian I think she needs to be banned from the state.

I'm now going to start blaming all my troubles on the wind.

Fizzgig said...

yea this is exactly why I'm not miss ohio. You cant trust the media.


Katelin said...

i agree with lbluca77, we don't want her here. send her away!

Lil' Woman said...

lol..her sex video will come out soon, in which she has fallen over a rock and landed on some guys dick. Those damn natural elements get her everytime! :)

wekeepsaying said...

i can't think of anything clever to say in regards to miss california, but she's definitely got issues.