a massage for the feet with Airplus giveaway

As women, we love shoes and I think I've shared my love of shoes and boots here earlier this year. I often wear uncomfortable shoes that may be a little too tight but rationalize the pain for the sake of fashion.

My most memorable night was my friend's bachelorette party with these 3.5 wedges from Nine West that were a shiny gold on the side. (I just loved them and they hated my feet.) It hurt like hell and I sat down every chance I got when we got on the bus or got to the bar. I've only worn them twice so the shoes continue to sit in my closet.

Lindsay offered me the chance to try out some Airplus products with shoes that are too big, to slippery, too tall or are generally just uncomfortable. I put a pair of the gel Steppies into my 4 inch ankle booties. I wore these all winter long and the pads of my feet would start throbbing by hour 6 if I was standing in them. I put them in first thing in the morning and it was like a massage to my feet. (Truthfully, I didn't expect much because the shoes were serious when it came to the pain department.) I walked all day long, even wore them out later to dinner (at this point, I would be begging to take the shoes off) but my feet were still feeling great.

Do you have a pair of shoes that hurt your feet but you refuse to throw away? Share your favorite shoe moment by Wednesday, May 5 - a bad pair, a great pair, an embarrassing story about you and a pair of shoes - and you will be entered to win the all four products below.

P.S. I might even ask the for the full version for a later guest post.


Je said...

I had the most beautiful pair of kelly green patent leather heels that experience a sad, sad demise. I wrote the whole story on my blog, so I'll post the link. There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss those lovely shoes!


Always a Bridesmaid said...

My friend once took off her shoe to make an "adjustment," then accidentally "dropped" it (read: whizzed it like she was throwing someone out at first base) next to a cute guy I was eyeing up at the bar. It worked. He and I ended up chatting for the rest of the nite. That's what I call a good wingwoman. And a great pair of shoes.

stealthnerd said...

Red, snake-skin, peep toe stilettos. I was turning 21 and I just had to have them. After eying them for about 4.5 months they finally went on sale and I got them. Then I decided to break them in at the bar. Let's just say I ended up getting piggy-backed home, shoes (soles now covered in bar grime) in hand. And yet, they are still in my shoe rack b/c they are just too hot to throw away!

lucklys said...

i'm not sure if i wish i had a good story. the only time i've worn heels longer than a few hours was february 2008 at the playboy superbowl party down in tempe arizona. i was going through my druggy phase, and was far too high/drunk at the time to remember even having them on, but the next day when i couldn't feel any of my toes (other than a slight tingling sensation like they were going numb or had something on them), i decided to never go for more than 4 hours in heels. i had worn 3.5-4 inch stilletos, danced in them for more than 6 hours. my toes stayed numb/not there for almost 4 months. i'm surprised i didn't have permanent nerve damage.

now, i'm completely a flats girl. gimme the low, pretty, bright flats anyday.

i do own a pair of bright red 3 inch heels that i still don't know what to wear to.

TexasLauren77 said...

I have a pair of down-right fabulous 4 inch red peeptoe heels...Oh how I love them. But they don't love my feet. I've actually written a blog entry about them, and they occassionally make guest appearances in other entries like the did for an entry earlier this week. They have an identity and personality all their own! ;)


Misty said...

I am only 4'11" tall,in high school my boyfriend was well over 6'. He refused to take me to prom unless I found shoes at least 5" tall, so that our pictures wouldn't look ridiculous. So instead of losing that zero, I found shoes, and wasnt even able to dance> they were ridiculous! The shoes, and the boyfriend!

Fizzgig said...

I dont wear shoes that hurt me. Unless you count the first week of new sneakers.


Christina K said...

I handled publicity for the grand opening of a major shoe store retailer and, as cute as they were, the boots they gave me hurt like hell and were not meant to be worn for 12 hours. I ended up switching into flats during the last hour of the event because I could barely walk and I was driving co-workers CRAZY by bitching so much about how much they hurt.

Robert Joe said...

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