Shhhh, online dating, shhhh

Thursday, May 14, 2009
Before I started this blog, I had this crazy idea to track my roommate and good friend at the time on her time spent on I convinced her to sign up after much begging and pleading for two reasons - lots of blog fodder and a chance for her to meet new people. She was new in town at the time and I thought it would be a great opportunity. She did sign up and didn't have much luck other than meeting a friend's friend on there. That's it for her 30 days.

Fast forward two years and I beg all my single friends to go on there and let me track their dating trials and tribulations. My only prospect right now is my friend, Maureen, because she's not dating anyone and has a great sense of humor for a project like this. Yes, she goes on the occasional dates but feels at 25 that she's too young for an online dating site.

Mo, if you are reading this, you aren't too young and just THINK of the fun you could have guest posting your escapades of the online dating world and sharing with my readers. So much fun - that's how much. Plus, we could co-write a book about dating do's and dont's and put a different perspective on it. (Working a title in my head right now.)

So, let's think about it and get back to me in a few weeks.


Ashley said...

Ooh, she should totally do this. What a great blog idea! There are so many people out there who are curious but too scared to try'd have instant followers.

Plus, I'm secretly a huge fan of online dating. At 24 I took the plunge and I'm in a great relationship with the SO because of it...

Suzanne said...

I sometimes thinks about actually signing up for But then I remember I was an eharmony failure. It was pathetic.

My least favorite thing about the whole process---filling out the questions.

Maureen said...

Alright, Allison. I can't believe you called me out on here! There are a few reasons I'm hestitant to do the whole online dating thing:

1. Like you said, I am only 25!

2. I'm not paying to meet guys! I can meet plenty of cocky d-bags for free on any given night downtown or in Lakewood. (Obviously, I'm a pessamist.)

3. I've been single for less than a year and this is the longest I've been single since 10th grade. I've just begun to realize how much I love being single and my independence! Not sure I want to be in a serious relationship right now. And isn't that what everyone on eHarmony is looking for?

All that being said, I think this could be fun. And who knows, I meet a cool guy or two and get a few free dinners out of the whole deal. I think you may have sold me....

Narm said...


I don't know why all girls dont do this. Even if you are dating someone. For girls, dating sites are like giant coupons to free dinners.

Lil' Woman said...

I hope she does it!
That would def. provide great blog fodder and a dinner or two! :)

Smash said...

I agree with Narm, do it! I am on an online dating site at 27 and its amusing to say the least.

But the best part - I haven't even lived in the city I live in for a year, and I have been to every single fabulous amazing nice restaraunt in town. And haven't paid yet :)

Katelin said...

oh i vote she does it. dating stories are the best!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...


i online date.


(does is count even if i have never been on an actual date through the site?)

Allison M. said...

Ashley - great story!

Suzanne - maybe you should have a friend do it?

Maureen - no pressure.

Narm - well said.

Lil Woman - I know!

Smash - see! how great is that!

Katelin - aren't they?

Alexa - I know you are, but since you are so out there with your auction, i feel that you wouldn't be up for it.

FlipFlopGirl said...


You should at least try it! It's kinda fun. besides, if you go with a less "soul mate/life partner" kinda site, like (which is FREE) you could just meet some new epople and see who's out there. And I really, really wanna read all about it! haha


FlipFlopGirl said...

And... does this mean I'm old if I've done the online dating thing off and on since I was 20? eeesh... Thanks, Mo!

Je said...

My best friend and I did this a year or so ago! We both signed up for a couple different online dating sites, then we started a blog about it for all our girlfriends. We had to keep it private though cause we were posting pics of the guys, terrible messages we'd get, etc. It was a riot!

Katlyn said...

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