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Wednesday, May 20, 2009
I hate the word dude. Or maybe it's only when the BF says it. He sometimes ends his sentences with this and I feel that it's directed toward me. I'm not your "dude." I'm your girlfriend. Not your friend, dude. I'm still your girlfriend.

Some examples of the word dude used by the BF
"Don't park your care there, someone could hit dude."
"Dude where's my car?"
"check out this video, it's so funny dude."
"The Magic coach looks like Ron Jeremy dude."
"That's gross dude."

Or, for extra emphasis, sometimes he ends his statements with, "y'know what I'm saying."

Um, yes I know what you are saying because you just said it. Duh dude.


J said...

I say the word dude.. but not to my husband. That would be ultra annoying! Dude.

adriana said...

Haha! I was about to instinctively write "Dude, my bf and I call each other 'dude' all the time." It cracks me up. But, then again, I don't like being called "babe." Obviously I'm a weirdo.

steph anne said...

haha that annoys me too! another thing that annoys me is when my husband wants me to stop talking and listen to him but when i do stop and listen, he's still busy telling me to listen and doesn't get to the point!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i say dude entirely waaaaaaaaaaay too much, dude.

simple girl said...

Finally! A blog I can relate to! Just moved in with my bf about a month ago. I've done this once before and it ended with marriage and then divorce. Trying to do it right this time. It'll be nice to hear from someone else's "living in sin" experiences.

Ashley said...

That would get irritating. The SO works with a guy that says "you know what I mean" at the end of EVERY sentence.