Friday Fodder

Friday, June 26, 2009
This weekend will probably yield posts for a year. All of my friends are headed to Pittsburgh for Katie and Morgan's wedding. Like all weddings, it's going to be blast but I've been looking forward to this.

Katie is the best bride - she told me I could wear white to her wedding and sing "Lose Your Love" by the Outfield with the band. I heart that 80's song.

In honor of the sparkly gloved one, I'm going to request this song and sing it with the band, too. She's having a live band so I may have to bust out my best karaoke version of this song. (I can't sing, hit any note or really dance, but it's amazing how you think you can move with a few glasses of wine in you.



Katelin said...

one of his bests, love it.

have a great time at the wedding!

Lil' Woman said...

Have fun! : )

Chelsea Talks Smack said...