meet my new toy part 2

After the BF read my love of my iPhone post, he had a few things to clarify on our ride to Pittsburgh for our friends' wedding, which was one hell of a blast. More of that to follow. The BF had a few things to say, mostly to do with the fact that I wouldn't need a compass because I would never be in the woods.

For the record, I'm still a human map. In my defense, it was late, I wasn't paying complete attention to the directions in front of me, and the BF had been there before, so he should've known I was leading him the wrong way. I may only be guilty of playing one too many Justin Timberlake songs on that 4-hour trip. That's about it.

P.S. I recorded with this the handy video feature on the new iPhone.

Friday Fodder

Friday, June 26, 2009
This weekend will probably yield posts for a year. All of my friends are headed to Pittsburgh for Katie and Morgan's wedding. Like all weddings, it's going to be blast but I've been looking forward to this.

Katie is the best bride - she told me I could wear white to her wedding and sing "Lose Your Love" by the Outfield with the band. I heart that 80's song.

In honor of the sparkly gloved one, I'm going to request this song and sing it with the band, too. She's having a live band so I may have to bust out my best karaoke version of this song. (I can't sing, hit any note or really dance, but it's amazing how you think you can move with a few glasses of wine in you.


meet my new toy

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm addicted to my iPhone and I've only had it for one month. It is the most fantastic piece of technology I have ever owned.

When we first got them, my coworkers and I would compare apps and see who could download the best apps - we even downloaded bump it. I would also chime in with the "there's an app for that" commercial which drove the BF crazy. It just so happened it aired several times during our TV shows and it got to the point where he muted the TV.

Mute the TV all you want, I'm still going to quote and sing the commercial.

Well, there's more. Now I have the iPhone 3GS. I have a compass! So that when I get lost in the woods, I can't make a call because AT&T;'s coverage can suck at times, I can find myself to safety with my handy compass.

Needless to say, my current iPhone usage drives him nuts! He claims I'm on it all the time. (No, not me!) He's even gone to such lengths to point how much I use it.

Instead of getting up and checking e-mail from the computer, I just look on my iPhone. I can tweet, look up recipes, play paper toss, tweet, read the news, find restaurants in Vermont, catch up on E!Online celebrity gossip, tweet and level out a picture frame....all from my little device. Did I mention I can navigate myself if I'm ever lost?

So cool.

So cool.

Let's just say the BF and I don't agree on that little factor. (It is cool, he's just jealous.)

He has gone to great lengths to prove my iPhone usage is out of order. He has started to hide the iPhone from me. (Idiot, who does that kind of shit?) He has even set it on top of the trash can as a "hiding place," so I can only imagine what having this upgraded version will mean now.

terms of endearment

A post-it note plastered to my mirror from the BF.

I couldn't remember my bike combination yesterday. (Yes, I have a bike because I'm getting into shape.) He bought a lock for me about a month ago and I never wrote the combo down. (He told me once when he first bought it and I've never had to lock it up.) Yesterday when I went for a ride, he tells me to lock it up if I go in the Metroparks to run.

As I'm jumping on my bike....
Me: I don't know the combination.
BF: Didn't you write it down?
Me: No, didn't you?
BF: No, I told you what it was when I got it.
Me: Well, I don't remember that. It was forever ago and you just told me the code once. I need more repetition than that to remember some random 4 digit code.

This was stuck to my mirror so I wouldn't forget and probably not blame him for not telling me.

Friday Fodder

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sex tape edition.

OK, ladies and gents, stop filming yourself in the act and "slipping" it to production companies.

First there was Pam, then Paris, then a whole slew of b-list celebrities, including Kim Kardashian who skyrocketed to fame while being naked.

Why is it that all the girls become super famous and the men are left in the dust?

Anyway, today another young starlet is accused of having a sex tape, Leighton Meester from GossipGirl.

"It was from a long time ago, blah blah, it was before she was really famous, blah blah blah, an ex-boyfriend, blah blah."

If you are going to show your goodies on film, make sure you own the only copy and keep it safe. Not safe in your video library so that your-sorta-kinda-of-friend can take it, but safe in the most hidden spot you only know.


P.S. I'll still watch next season.

Eat that, Cinderella

Thursday, June 18, 2009
It's true! Fairy godmothers do exist! Her name is Justine and she works for Brand About Town, she's my Fashion Fairy Godmother.

This little old blog was selected to possibly become a Gap enthusiast. Gap is launching a new line of jeans, Born to Fit, early this fall and they are reaching out to bloggers to host parties, receive swag and be selected for special VIP events.

Jeans. How do I love thee? A great pair of jeans can mold to your body and give you curves you never knew you had. Guys will be calling at you and Beyonce won't be the only girl with a booty in town. Or, maybe that's at least what a great pair of jeans does for me.

A few local bloggers who received a shopping spree at Gap:
Cleveland's a Plum
Chef's Widow
Our Little Apartment

Here are pictures of my purchases.

Love this dress. It's flowy and shiny all at the same time. The BF's exact words "I don't know why girls buy those dresses. They make you look fat."

He likes this one more. This is perfect for a day wedding or cocktail party. With a cardigan, I could pull this off at work too.

And then this sleeveless shirt to go with a casual pair of jeans and flats, or even a pair of dress pants for work.

Nightly routine

I have a pretty consistent nightly make up removal routine. I don't want to look like an old hag when I'm 50 from all the indoor tanning I used to do, so I wash my face every night, apply the necessary acne medication and finish it off with my Clinique all about eyes eye cream.

I bought this around Christmas and in case you don't use eye cream, it lasts forever! At least a year. I've been noticing that it's diminishing rather quickly like someone is lathering it all over their face. (I just dab it along my under eye.)

Considering I have a roommate, I march up to the BF, who can't take his eyes off of Aliens, and ask "Have you been using my eye cream?"

Now, I know that sounds funny, but I once lived with a brother. Lotion is lotion to them. He would probably put my expensive face lotion all over his body and wonder why the bottle is so small AFTER he used half of it. So, I really don't put it past the BF that he couldn't do the same thing.

BF: "No, Allison, I didn't use your eye cream. I don't even know what that is."
Me: "It's right here, this little jar," as I tap my foot thinking he IS guilty of using it.
BF: "No, I don't use it.
Me: "Well it's pretty empty and this is supposed to last well over a year. Are you sure you aren't using it?"
BF: "Yes, I'm sure."
Me: "Well if you are using it, which I know you are, this isn't face lotion, it's eye cream and I have face lotion if you ever need it. This just isn't it."
BF: Completely done listening, laughing at me and continuing to watch the 1986 flick, Aliens.

Poof! You aren't famous anymore

I wish I had a magic wand to wave in front of these idiots and take back their fame.

I vowed I wouldn't post about these nut jobs but I just can't help it. Image after image on all my favorite celebrity sites keep talking about these idiots. My favorite is anything written by Dlisted about Twit and Twat.

Unlike Alexa, I never watched anything of "Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here." I didn't really need to when I could just watch the ridiculous parts online or catch them on the weekend Soup.

I have pretty much reached my limit with them with Al Roker's interview yesterday. He put them in their place and I loved every minute because Heidi was squirming and Spencer acted like the ass that he is. Thank you for saying everything viewers think about them.

How long will it take to come out that they aren't really married? I don't believe they are legally married until someone shows me certificate.

Please tell me they have reached their 14 of 15 minutes because I'm about done with all of their scripted Hills drama. (I stopped watching after the first season.) I don't care what their future holds, if they get "divorced" and don't give the girl a perfume line because I'm sure that's in the works post Playboy.

And, MTV, if you are listening, please do not give these idiots their own show. It's bad enough we have to put up with The City, Bromance and Paris Hilton's BFF.

Port is to the left, starboard is to the right

Monday, June 15, 2009
I am so glad I decided to quit my serving job on Sundays this summer. I've been having so much fun on the weekends now that I quit. Yea!

Flip to this past Sunday - the BF and I headed to Put-In-Bay island with his brother and girlfriend and another couple by boat. The last time I was on the island was eight years ago. I have fond memories of being 18 and getting repeatedly kicked out of the Round bar. I would walk in the front with our friend's mom and then escorted out the back when the bouncers realized we were under age. Ah, good times.

We spent all day on the island, hopping from tourist spot to the boat for a beer and back to tourist spots. At one point, I almost had us side-swiped from my sweet golf cart driving skills - I'm pretty sure I'm banned from driving the cart on future trips.

A car that doubles as a boat

At Perry's monument for the couple who had never been there before.

The Butterfly House where you pay to have the chance at butterflies to land on you for good luck.

Before my driving skills were put to the test

The sunset on Lake Erie

Giving back

Friday, June 12, 2009
Since graduating college, I don't give back enough to my community. One thing I wanted to do this year was get involved with a few organizations and donate my time. Since I don't make the big bucks yet, I can't really give financially like I would want but I can donate my time and other skills.

Instead of just talking about it, I decided to do something and volunteer for the annual Race for the Place that supports the Gathering Place. It's a local nonprofit organization that provides all types of support to people living with cancer and their families. Although I've never taken advantage of their programs, many people have and cherish their time with the Gathering Place.

At the race, the most important part for me was hearing everyone's stories about why they were involved, how many years they had participated and why it was important to them to support this cause. I can see myself volunteering for this race every year because I really enjoyed everyone I met along the way.

Last Sunday, my friends and parents were up early at Beachwood mall to walk the one mile course. Since I ran the Cleveland 10K, I really wanted to run the 5K but ultimately decided it probably meant more to my parents to walk with them.

People gathered before the race

Friends supporting the race

Celebrating our cancer survivor

Festival Fun

Thursday, June 11, 2009
I heart festivals in the summer time. We have the Feast in Little Italy, the Amherst Jamboree and many more.

St. Clare's Festival

My friends and I kicked off the summer with a funnel cake, cornhole and keg beer on Saturday. My friend Michelle and I were looking forward to the freaking funnel cake all week long. I'm sorry to say that it was the worst funnel cake of all time.

How can you mess that up? It's fried batter! That's it!

We left the carnival for a second and we find all the boys playing this knockout game. We had been gone for at least 30 minutes, come back and stood there laughing at the boys trying to win Casper. Seventy-five dollars and some bargaining later, Mike walked away with the prize.

Mike and Michelle drinking with Casper

DVR was my friend

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
The TV is hands down the biggest fight that happens in our apartment. Besides the fact that I leave clothes on the floor and I don't clean enough (whatever!), I think the TV comes a close to first to our number one source of fighting.


Because the BF thinks he somehow commands the TV. As if he's a caveman and he owns the whole domain of the TV. Newsflash - ya don't, I live there too. Because he thinks he owns the TV, he also conveniently deletes my Dvr'd shows. For example, Idol never EVER taped on Tuesday nights. Interesting, huh?

So what if I like to watch the ridiculous opulence known as the New Jersey Housewives with their big hair, Botox and mafia ties? Sooooo what! And who cares if I DVR every episode of Oprah?

The BF likes to watch the History channel, shows about man eating catfish (no joke) and Rescue Me! (I like Rescue Me too but what the hell is up with the man-eating-catfish show?!)

BF, please pay special attention to this part. Just because I'm home and dvring the shows doesn't mean I have to watch them when they are on. That's the beauty of DVR - I make the shows fit within my schedule and I wait to watch them it's convenient for me.