Nightly routine

I have a pretty consistent nightly make up removal routine. I don't want to look like an old hag when I'm 50 from all the indoor tanning I used to do, so I wash my face every night, apply the necessary acne medication and finish it off with my Clinique all about eyes eye cream.

I bought this around Christmas and in case you don't use eye cream, it lasts forever! At least a year. I've been noticing that it's diminishing rather quickly like someone is lathering it all over their face. (I just dab it along my under eye.)

Considering I have a roommate, I march up to the BF, who can't take his eyes off of Aliens, and ask "Have you been using my eye cream?"

Now, I know that sounds funny, but I once lived with a brother. Lotion is lotion to them. He would probably put my expensive face lotion all over his body and wonder why the bottle is so small AFTER he used half of it. So, I really don't put it past the BF that he couldn't do the same thing.

BF: "No, Allison, I didn't use your eye cream. I don't even know what that is."
Me: "It's right here, this little jar," as I tap my foot thinking he IS guilty of using it.
BF: "No, I don't use it.
Me: "Well it's pretty empty and this is supposed to last well over a year. Are you sure you aren't using it?"
BF: "Yes, I'm sure."
Me: "Well if you are using it, which I know you are, this isn't face lotion, it's eye cream and I have face lotion if you ever need it. This just isn't it."
BF: Completely done listening, laughing at me and continuing to watch the 1986 flick, Aliens.


Kelly and José said...

If Jose ever used my eye cream, tinted moisturizer, hand cream, body lotion, etc etc. . .I would KILL him. . .we even have separate tweezers if that tells you anything!

Boys are careless and destructive*


Ashley said...

THIS is why I don't live with the about clueless. Love him to death, but he just doesn't get it.

Christina K said...

I caught you-know-who using my concealer a few times to cover a zit. I actually was impressed!

All Lacquered Up said...

See that's why mine has his own cabinet for products. I taught him early on about skincare and set him up with his own goods so he wouldn't dare touch mine.

Allison M. said...

Kelly - Isn't that the truth!

Ashley - the funniest things will happen if you ever live with SO

Christina K - Impressive!

All Lacqured Up - thank god we have our own bathrooms. He hates the smell of burnt hair from my flat iron.