Port is to the left, starboard is to the right

Monday, June 15, 2009
I am so glad I decided to quit my serving job on Sundays this summer. I've been having so much fun on the weekends now that I quit. Yea!

Flip to this past Sunday - the BF and I headed to Put-In-Bay island with his brother and girlfriend and another couple by boat. The last time I was on the island was eight years ago. I have fond memories of being 18 and getting repeatedly kicked out of the Round bar. I would walk in the front with our friend's mom and then escorted out the back when the bouncers realized we were under age. Ah, good times.

We spent all day on the island, hopping from tourist spot to the boat for a beer and back to tourist spots. At one point, I almost had us side-swiped from my sweet golf cart driving skills - I'm pretty sure I'm banned from driving the cart on future trips.

A car that doubles as a boat

At Perry's monument for the couple who had never been there before.

The Butterfly House where you pay to have the chance at butterflies to land on you for good luck.

Before my driving skills were put to the test

The sunset on Lake Erie


LBluca77 said...

What a fun time. If all your weekends are like that then I say quitting was a good idea. It is better to spend the weekend having fun.

Ashley said...

I've never been to PIB...looks like something I'll have to check out!