terms of endearment

A post-it note plastered to my mirror from the BF.

I couldn't remember my bike combination yesterday. (Yes, I have a bike because I'm getting into shape.) He bought a lock for me about a month ago and I never wrote the combo down. (He told me once when he first bought it and I've never had to lock it up.) Yesterday when I went for a ride, he tells me to lock it up if I go in the Metroparks to run.

As I'm jumping on my bike....
Me: I don't know the combination.
BF: Didn't you write it down?
Me: No, didn't you?
BF: No, I told you what it was when I got it.
Me: Well, I don't remember that. It was forever ago and you just told me the code once. I need more repetition than that to remember some random 4 digit code.

This was stuck to my mirror so I wouldn't forget and probably not blame him for not telling me.


Gina said...

Allison - this sounds like something I'd do. Hilarious!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...


i love you guys.

i leave myself post-it notes everywhere. the one that doesn't work though is the "don't eat" one on my fridge.


J said...

Ha I love it.

Rena said...

Haha, loving the boy-sarcasm. I had to write down the password to my roommate's playstation to play rated R DVDs because it has a nonremovable parental lock. And I just realized this past weekend I wrote it backwards. I tried the same wrong code for 10 minutes. Tard.

Fizzgig said...

now all i have to do is stalk you, and steal your bike now that I have the combo! ..........dun dun dunnnnnn

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

HA! love it! Absolutely love it. That would be something i would come home to find.

Sorta like my lazy now husband who told me i should go down a million stairs to get my phone so he had the rental car guys number while he went to get his phone in the SUV. I said: "jackass..why don't you just get the number off the paper in the lease in the glove compartment!?!?!?

His answer: Damn, your smart. I knew there was a reason i married you. lol