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Friday, July 3, 2009
Last weekend, we headed east (thanks to the iPhone compass) to Pittsburgh for our friend's wedding - Katie and Morgan.

This is a wedding weekend we've all been excited before because we could tour the city of Pittsburgh in the process. It was one hilarious weekend full of beer, steak, dancing, wine and celebration.

-We arrived around 3 p.m. to make sure the BF could be on time for the rehearsal at the church.
-My trusty friend Michelle and I headed to grab a martini and catch up.
-The rehearsal dinner was at this beautiful restaurant in Pittsburgh called the Le Mont.

The couple

The bride with her bridal party

The groom and his men

enjoying the meal

-We were all up early with mild hangovers and explored the city, going to the park and getting breakfast
-All the boys were running late
-Most of my friends almost missed the shuttle
-The wedding started at 4, we hopped on the last shuttle at 3:40 and we go there at 3:59.
-Like idiots we walked in the side door and the whole church turns to look as the bridal party is starting down the aisle. We shut the door and run to a door further away, rush into a pew, just as our friend started down the aisle.
-The reception was at Heinz field. Such a beautiful set up.
-While getting drinks, my friend falls and hits the ground, crushing her pinky between the floor and wine glass.

walking around in the park

view from the reception

the couple dancing

doing the sprinkler

Kelly with Michelle and her ice pack after falling very hard and filling out an incident report

one of the only pics we grabbed with the bride

After barely getting up on time to make it to brunch, we all did but with major headaches. Or, maybe that was just me. Anyway, it was a perfect ending to an extremely fun weekend.


heidzilla said...

great wedding recap ;)

Lil' Woman said...

Great pics! :)
Glad you had a great time!