beware of the woods

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
I will not go walking in the woods.

I will not go walking in the woods.

I will not go walking in the woods.

Try saying that three times fast.

Two of my friends have gone walking in a metropark, near a lake or in nature in general as single girls with their boyfriends and have come out engaged in the past year.

After my friend's engagement this Saturday afternoon, I kindly told the BF I'm not interested in walking in the woods with him in the near future.

One half of the engaged couple with her bling


heisschic said...

i know two others this has happened to this year. and just a note- both of those ladies were 21.

the woods prey on the young ones in this area...

Marie said...

I really thought something along the lines of a horror movie happened to them.

Same thing happened to two of my friends.

The furture Michelle very weird to say that said...

"Bling on my finger....Bling on my finger!!!!" OMG that is the worst video of me!! To everyone who doesn't know me: I AM NOT THAT CRAZY AND ANNOYING!! I PROMISE!!