a little ink here, a little ink there

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Periodically, I get the itch to get a tattoo. It comes and goes quite often. A little ink here, a little ink there....

Here's how it starts:
1) It's warm outside.
2) It's time to show more skin.
3) I think I need to get in better shape before I show that much skin.
4) I start to see other people's tattoos.
5) Then I see pictures of celebrities and their tats.
6) Then I see a picture of Victoria Beckham and her back of the neck of the tattoo.

Isn't it lovely?

I'm also liking the tats on the side of my ribs too. You can cover it up all the time and only see it when I'm in the nude or in a bathing suit.

the extremely overrated Megan Fox

or this version on Hayden

How about the back of the neck?

Or, I could opt for the real new tramp stamp and that would be the wrist

Like the back of back of the neck idea but I have short hair and probably wouldn't grow it long enough to hide it. Actually, there's no chance my hair will ever get past my shoulders unless it's a weave. But, I can't not only decide on the location but I also can't figure out what I would get. And, at the point, I lose interest until the next spring when the weather gets nicer out.

Maybe I'll get the BF's name in braille....

What tattoo did you just get or would like to get done?


Narm said...


And we're back.

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo but forcing myself to get in shape first so it looks right.

Rena said...

Megan Fox overrated... so agree with you. I don't get it.

But rib tattoo is pretty cool. That's probably where I would get one if I could handle the pain. But my pain tolerance is decreasing as I get older, so weird.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

I would get 6-pack abs tattooed. That way, no need to get in shape first.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

are you saying i have a tramp stamp on my wrist?!?!?!

we are fighting.

Sarah said...

i have three and plan to get more. my cupcake was decided upon in an hour. the words on my arm i thought about for years as well as a diane arbus photo i plan on getting. i say go for it - there's plenty of canvas to fill!

Michelle said...

oooo maybe you can get a tatty in Vegas!! That would be a great blog video.....the wheels are turning....

Will K said...

I would totally got for a wrist tattoo even though it is the new "tramp stamp" lol.

I like the idea of the neck tattoo as well.

Ashley said...

I'm always thinking about getting another one. Right now the SO and I are battling because he doesn't want me to get another - but I really want something skydiving related on my ribs...sigh.

p.s. the verification word is "inkra." how appropriate!

heisschic said...

a friend of mine has a tiny heart right behind her ear- i love it. easily covered- but not out of the way.

i like the ribs thing. or rihanna's stars down her neck/back.

i saw an extremely underdeveloped and overweight woman (explain to me how THAT happened) with paw prints on her would-be chest. i would not recommend that look.

Allison M. said...

Narm - I agree, not with your 'mmmm' break though.

Rena - I don't know if I can withstand the pain either.

AAB - good flippin idea!

Alexa - I heart you.

Sarah- you have a cupcake? where might that be?

michelle - I don't know about all that.

will k- yep, you heard it here first.

Ashley - get skydiving in braille.

heisschic - no pawprints - even Eve is regretting that decision.

simple girl said...

Tattoos are so addicting. I have three and I love them all. I wish I could get more but I don't want to go overboard.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Love always a bridesmaids idea....thrifty and for the better self image of ones self. :) lol

Vegas & tattoo is a must!!!!! I got my last of 3 in vegas about 3 years ago & at the then A&E reality show shop in the Palm's (Hart & Hart i think is the name). Although it was a tramp stamp...but love it anywho...took me 4 years of deciding to put it on. :)

LiLu said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to do the back of the neck, but I am chicken shit...

Anonymous said...

For the record (and I believe Narm would agree):

Megan Fox - HOT!
Hayden - HOT!
A. Milano - HOT!


Anonymous said...

Allison, Allison....Have you forgot my words of wisdom?? A while ago (Sometime in your college years) I told you ANYBODY can get a tatoo..But not everyone can go to college and GRADUATE, or start their own blog, or business, or run a 5k...Have you forgotten so fast???..Don't be a follower. I also told you to leave that belly button ring on the nail in the garage..hahahah..Dad

Emily said...

I really wanted one on my wrist at the risk of sounding like a tramp =P however I have wanted one along my shoulder blade for a long time. It's sad, me and my friends have been designing our own tats since middle school and we are all getting them done the day the last one of us turns 18. *8 months three days*

sheri amor said...

OMG hayden had her tatoo?

TaraMetBlog said...

Megan Fox look like she's trying to channel Jolie in that photo

Lil' Woman said...

I have four tattoos:
1. the original 'tramp stamp' of a butterfly and my name
2. a cross on my shoulder
3. a chinese symbol on my left hip (I hate this one and want to get it covered with something else.)
4. the words 'fear not thee unknown' going down my ribcage

just make sure you LOVE what you get before you get it.

Je said...

It's on my list to get a tattoo this summer. My last one was when I was 18 - figured waiting 10 years is good.
I think I want to get "Live, Laugh, Love" with a heart on my foot...