reality bites

Remember when you could flip TV on any night and find a real drama or comedy show? It doesn't seem like that long ago but with all the trash on TV, I can't remember the time a new show started and lasted longer than 6 episodes on ABC or NBC.

While flipping through channels last night, I saw a promo for a "show" that put me over the edge on VH1. Apparently VH1 thinks people care about this bimbo named Megan who was on one of the Rock of Love's with Bret Michaels. It's called Megan Wants a Millionaire. Barf, gag, this is ridiculous.

Newsflash VH1 execs - no one cares about her!

Haven't we all had enough with the Daisy of Love show? You are cutting music videos out of your rotation for that! It further proves my point that people are famous for absolutely nothing anymore besides having a sex tape.

Let's review these scripted shows we call reality:

The Hills - Don't get me started.
Rock of Love - Where do these girls come from?
Brooke Knows Best - I think I see cue cards.
Keeping up the Kardashians - Make a sex tape, get a show.
Paris Hilton's my BFF - Ditto what Kim did.
Charm School - Get a second wind from Rock of Love or Flavor Flav
Bromance - Amazing what happens when you openly acknowledge you got on the Hills to date those girls.
NYC Prep - Flabbergasted that their parents allowed Bravo to showcase their children in such a negative light.
Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami - Get a DUI, poof - you get a show.

As a TV viewer, I'm getting a little frustrated with all the nitwits who are now famous for absolutely no reason. I used to love Real World when it first was introduced back when I was in junior high. Hell, I even auditioned when I was college, only to receive a rejection letter which pleased both of my parents. At that point, it seemed more real and these people weren't famous for being huge media whores or just whores in general. They might have went on a spring break or two, but they weren't gracing the covers of every tabloid or at red carpet events.

There are these people called actors who have actual talent and star in films and TV shows who bring characters to life. Then there are these fabulous people called screenwriters who craft amazing ideas and story lines to entertain us on this little thing called a TV.

Please come back. All of you of real actors, producers and screen writers. To save us from these other idiots.

Am I the only one who is over the bimbo shows? Do you love or hate reality TV?


Anonymous said...

There are definitely way too many on now a days. There's more reality tv than there are regular shows. I watch some reality tv shows (nyc prep, 16 and pregnant, shot at love) but only because there's nothing else on.

Lil' Woman said...

I like some reality shows that have meaning to them like the ones on TLC and I'll admit I am a Real Housewives groupie, but as far as VH1, all they have on their is garbage now.
Daisy & Megan's shows= i'm the whore that fucked Brett Michaels soo I can milk my 15 minutes of fame longer.
Real World= how many more people can I screw, fights can I start, drinks can I consume more than last season.
Like you said, in the early days it actually seemed genuine but now it's just one season trying to out do the previous one with drama.

Sheesh that was long..I'm done : )

Anonymous said...

i'm totally with you. drives me nuts... while i do watch a lot of them, it's not like i have been given much of a choice...

Beeba said...

lol. u ar so right. reality shows seems to have taken over and the worst thing is that a lot of them are anything but real.:( i jst hope they dont make a reality movie someday!

All Lacquered Up said...

I'll admit that I can easily get sucked into some of these lame reality shows. Most of the ones on E! hurt my feelings but I watch a lot of the competition ones.

But when I think of amazing shows that get canceled in lieu of reality programming (I'm looking at you Fox), it gets me all riled up. I'm still bitter all these years later about Arrested Development getting the axe. I think of my friend who's a sitcom writer and has struggled with finding comedy writing gigs since the strike and I want to strangle TV execs.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i hate bimbo shows but i don't think i will ever stop loving reality tv though.

Anonymous said...

haha me and my bf were just having this conversation seriously like 30 minutes before I read this. Which also stemmed from seeing Megan Wants A Millionaire previews again(I, for one, thought Megan was the dumbest thing to ever be seen on television, though I do have to admit to liking Rock of Love and then Daisy of Love). We were talking about how everyone who goes on one of the dating shows and loses...gets a show of their own. I call that Ashley (from the last Rock of Love and Charm School) will be next.

Maxie said...

Although I'm not super stoked about MWaM, I'll probably still watch it. She's kind of entertaining, and I'm sure the guys will be equally as horrible.

Allison M. said...

liferehab - I found myself watching an episode of 16 and pregnant, too.

lil woman- Me too! I do watch Real Housewives but that's even becoming less substance more scripted.

Anon/Laura - especially when good shows get cancelled!!

Beeba - I bet it's already in the works.

ALU - I loved Arrested Development. I'm doing my best bird impression right now.

Alexa - HATE the bimbo shows.

Tdub - you are probably right. She will be the next one. Such a waste of valuable money.

Maxie - I just wonder what this is saying to young girls. be stupid and get a show. I hope they know it's fake.

Fizzgig said...

I LOVE reality TV, but I feel the same. I was so ticked when Medium got booted from NBC...because of all the crap on TV, and tahts a great show (obv picked up by CBS!!)

but yea, i miss a lot of shows that never had a chance....

Marie said...

You're right. Most of the stuff on TV is now is just pure and utter crap. You think they can't go any lower, but lo and behold they do.


Oh and remember the days when MTV use to actually play music?

Bridget Callahan said...

I didn't have cable until last year, so I'm sorry, I don't believe you. MTV never actually played music. That's a myth.

You know what cures me of the reality show tremors? Discovery channel reality shows. Out Of The Wild was, like, the best show ever.

Allison M. said...

Fizzgig - i'm with you, too many shows get cancelled.

Marie - I think MTV played music videos up to when TRL started and a few years after. Even then they cut out the whole video.

Bridget - discovery channel or the travel channel make drool, especially when they do exotic vacation specials of greece. desperately want to go there.

steph anne said...

The only reality shows that I watch are mainly on NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS. Some on Bravo but not much. I'm a sucker for those reality shows. But all the ones on MTV & VH1 are plain stupid!

Anonymous said...

Stick with movies. Especially when you have sure-fire hits coming out next year like Robin Hood (directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett)

- Your bro