Tiger Tiger Woods y'all

Since Wii has been released, the BF has wanted to buy one. I really thought we would get one this Christmas because he bought one for his cousins, but we didn't end up buying one after all.

He still has his PS2 that is hooked up to the non-HD TV in the bedroom. Every now and then, he will rent a video game and play it nonstop for two weeks straight. He loses interest and then stops playing.

Well, he found some new Tiger Woods game and has been playing it for the last week. It's a pretty funny sight because I'm sitting in bed reading and he's playing along as Tiger Woods. (I do have a picture and some funny video clips, but he won't let me post them because he's not wearing a shirt. I'll have to catch him when he's not looking again. It's priceless commentary!)

Anyway, you can change your player to look like you and he's convinced it does.

BF: Allison, Don't you think he looks like me? (pointing to the TV screen)
Me: Looking away from my book, "Um, no not really."
BF: Flabbergasted by my reaction, "WHATTTT?"
Me: "BF, it's an avatar. It doesn't really look like you."
BF: "But I gave him a hat and his hair kinda looks like mine."
Me: Amusing him for the last time, "Nope. Sorry. I still don't see the resemblance."

The other night he won the tournament and bought his avatar new Converse shoes and an outfit. He said he wanted to wake me up to celebrate his faux winnings. I'm glad he didn't because I would've killed the kid. Waking up your girlfriend because you won a PS2 tournament? Not worthy of a wake up.

The BF also does this bob and weave dance when he's playing, especially if the music comes up. He even makes up words to the songs sometimes. Like if I ask him a question, he'll sing his answer along with the music.

My next task is to catch him on tape with a shirt on. Although the video may be littered with a few F-bombs because when his avatar misses a put, you better believe there are F-bombs flying all over the place.

Who knew a video game could do all that?


Ashley said...

This is one boy habit the SO doesn't have. I technically play more video games than he does, what with my workouts on the Wii (EA Sports active is great!).

But he makes up for it with fantasy football.

All Lacquered Up said...

You MUST post a video. Too funny!

Mine is addicted to Tiger Woods too. He even has it for his PSP so he can play on the train to work every morning. Though I do play sometimes and made a character named Tits McGee (Anchorman reference). It's fun, I'm not gonna lie, but I'm not about to spend hours upon hours playing. We have a Wii as well and don't use it as much as I thought we would. I must be time for new games.

Anonymous said...

thankfully, my boyfriend isn't getting the wii until the black version comes out, and we don't really have any other gaming systems other than gamecube. i'm sure if he knew about this though, i'd be up in the middle of the night cheering him on and celebrating with him. i don't really mind the whole video game thing, i mean, i play sims once in a while and i expect him to appreciate that our characters are the mayor and top surgeon in the town, haha. we're both nerds.

Narm said...

BF! You know I have a Wii - rent that shit when Mean Gene comes up and lets DO this.

(I'm pretty sure I just asked your BF out on a man-date through your blog.)

Anonymous said...

haha this is hilarious. Seriously...boys! My bf is the same way! I've never heard him talk so vulgarly to anyone as he does when something is not going his way in a video game.

Lil' Woman said...

Big Man is the same way, he gets in the zone and then there is no stopping him.

Katelin said...

haha that's too funny. matt gets pretty into video games too but luckily it isn't too bad ever. but still entertaining.