change will do you good

Two weeks ago, I was on a hunt for quarters. The bank was closed, gas stations wouldn't give them to me and my local Heinen's was closed. (This is where I get my quarters from because it's right down the street from me.)

Thus, fueling my hatred for coin laundry machines in apartment buildings. I was furious.

I had multiple loads of laundry to do before my big Vegas trip. I needed underwear, work out clothes and dresses for the trip.

Nevermind the fact that I find laundry to be one of the most annoying chores to complete. I would rather, vacuum and clean mirrors, and maybe even the bathroom, then have to worry about washing clothes. It takes multiple hours because you have to wait for it to wash, then dry, then maybe even line-dry in your apartment because certain clothing items should not be in the dryer.


It took me until the next day to find quarters because no one would give them to me.

Since when can't you trade a $10 bill for quarters at gas station? You can buy day old Krispy Kreme donuts, beer and a pickle-in-a-bag, but you can't give me a roll of quarters?!

Besides the fact that my apartment complex must be living in 1954, I think it's about time they upgraded their laundry facilities for units that work with cards. Then, I can upload my card with money at my convenience. And, I won't have to write rants about my hatred for coin laundry.


Mel said...

I *hate* this. SO MUCH. My condo laundry room is the same - and I am always out of quarters. Or need one more, and it's a freakin' Canadian!

That being said, Giant Eagle for rolls of quarters. Most locations have both a lottery/cash cage or a bank inside. Never have had a problem.

steph anne said...

I hated doing laundry in college because I went through the same thing. It was horrible and now having my own laundry at home really rocks my socks off!

Looks like you had fun in Vegas!!

Lil' Woman said...

Not me, I would always forget to put money on the damn card and then be screwed cause the machine to get and put money on the card would be in the office which shuts at like 4 everyday.

Lindsay said...

I HATED having to have quarters for laundry! I was so relieved when we found an apartment complex with a washer and dryer in each apartment.

Michelle from Seattle said...

why didn't you just come over and do laundry at my house?!?!? i HATE coin laundry!! some idiot would always open my dryer when mistaking it for theirs and then not turn it back on so my clothes would be stinky and I would have to wash them again!

Anonymous said...

I as a parent TRIED to teach my kids several skills..Obviously you missed the class about organization...Why do you want your apartment to change the way they do wash???.You change..ADAPT!!!! What a concept....Dad