exactly what I needed

Sunday, August 30, 2009
I needed to have a relaxing weekend.

I needed not to rush to the west side for a wedding because I accidentally forgot about it.

I needed to wake up without an alarm blaring music in my ears.

I needed to get my ass to my favorite work out class.

I needed to bum around on Saturday afternoon while the BF was golfing.

I needed to make cookies so I could eat cookie dough. (I'm pretty sure I didn't need to mess up the recipe but I did.)

I needed to go to a late and relaxing dinner in Tremont with a friend.

I needed to sit outside, drink a beer and enjoy the mild 70 degree weather.

I needed to wake up on Sunday and go to brunch in the cute city of Chagrin Falls.

I needed to wear the wrong shoes in the rain so my feet got all wet, making me almost fall in the farmer's market in front of strangers.

I needed to return a purse to Coach but I didn't make it to the mall.

I needed to run errands with the BF and fight Sunday store traffic at Target and the grocery store.

I'm pretty sure I need a weekend like this once in awhile. Everyone does.

And, a weekend like this won't happen again until October.


Marie said...

Really? Not until October. That's far too long. I say you insist on it happening again sometime very soon!

Allison M. said...

Oh, I will try but between this weekend's holiday and a bunch of traveling, I don't think it's going to happen until then.

Katelin said...

oh trust me i needed this weekend too and i'm so glad it was so relaxingish. it's the last free one i have until about mid october, haha, it's ridiculous.

Ashley said...

I've never been so jealous! A relaxing weekend is in order for me....but, like you, probably not until October.