exactly what I needed

Sunday, August 30, 2009
I needed to have a relaxing weekend.

I needed not to rush to the west side for a wedding because I accidentally forgot about it.

I needed to wake up without an alarm blaring music in my ears.

I needed to get my ass to my favorite work out class.

I needed to bum around on Saturday afternoon while the BF was golfing.

I needed to make cookies so I could eat cookie dough. (I'm pretty sure I didn't need to mess up the recipe but I did.)

I needed to go to a late and relaxing dinner in Tremont with a friend.

I needed to sit outside, drink a beer and enjoy the mild 70 degree weather.

I needed to wake up on Sunday and go to brunch in the cute city of Chagrin Falls.

I needed to wear the wrong shoes in the rain so my feet got all wet, making me almost fall in the farmer's market in front of strangers.

I needed to return a purse to Coach but I didn't make it to the mall.

I needed to run errands with the BF and fight Sunday store traffic at Target and the grocery store.

I'm pretty sure I need a weekend like this once in awhile. Everyone does.

And, a weekend like this won't happen again until October.

Friday Fodder

For some reason, I wanted to hear sappy 80s pop music today and I'm not quite sure. Some of these 80s songs make me instantly happy.

Venus - Bananarama
How can we be lovers if we can't be friends - Michael Bolton
Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
Party all the Time - Eddie Murphy
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

But, I'm pretty sure these vampires would challenge those biatches from Twilight any day.

P.S. Was the person who choreographed this video drunk? Or maybe the girls made it up themselves.

there is ONE place

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
The BF likes to me make fun of me for many things. He likes to pick of my individual talents and quirks. (Yes, I consider twirling my hair with both hands and not tying it into a knot a talent. Who wouldn't?)

He thinks I say any word with an "A" funny. Like saaaaalad. As if I draw out the 'a' sound in an annoying accent. (I assure you - it doesn't sound like that.)

He thinks I'm a bull in china shop. Maybe I'll slightly agree with him on this. Even when I'm trying to be quiet and courteous, I find a way to knock everything over in my medicine cabinet early in the morning, so it comes tumbling out onto the tile floor. This may or may not have included a brand new bottle of perfume that shattered all over my floor. (Still pissed about that mishap.)

He's says I'm messy. In my defense, I'm not all the time. The bedroom has a tendency to be engulfed with clothing, undergarments and shoes because let's face it - a girl needs her options. Am I wrong?

But there's one place I'm not messy or unorganized. Never. And that place would my car. Go figure I know. There's nothing worse than driving in a messy car. My car is so clean. I think people are surprised to see my desk covered in papers and then my ever-so organized car. There are no clothes, receipts, pieces of paper or a random flip flop to be found.

Not a thing.

You won't even find empty coffee cups in my car. But you will find two pairs of sunglasses and a lipgloss.

Nothing else.

Oooo and an umbrella.

So maybe my office looks like a tornado hit my desk and occassionally my closet explodes onto the carpet three times a week, but if you want to go for a ride, you will be riding in a clean car and singing along to Lady Gaga.

Yep, singing is mandatory.

Whirlwind weekend

Monday, August 24, 2009
Where the hell did the summer go? Not only do I mean the summer months but also the warm weather I desperately missed over our cold winter.

On Friday, the BF and all of our friends celebrated our friend's 30th birthday. Yes, count those years! He's the first one to turn 30 and the BF will follow shortly in early October.

A t-shirt a friend made

We all gathered at Rock Bottom and then made our way down to Howl at the Moon. I have never been in there myself. I'm not sure how all the bachelorette parties I was part of skipped this jewel of a spot, but we made our way down there Friday night. Most of my pictures came out blurry with all the crazy dancing. But one great one came out of my friend who had a little too much fun.

Poor Ian

Saturday night we had our last wedding of the season. Yay! And, it was a blast. Unlike most people, my high school friends and I are still pretty close. It's unusual for some but not for us. We all still geniunely like each other, so we essentially had a little reunion at our friend Jimmy's wedding.

class of 2001

Couples pose

The newlyweds

Because I always find decorations to use as props

On Sunday, we closed the weekend with a rough ride from Vermilion to Sandusky. Let's just say 2 to 4 foot waves, a wine hangover and no sun isn't the best combination for me. By the time we reached Cedar Point, my headache was pounding and we were only slighly soaked - not too bad.

View from the boat dock

We spent the next two hours sitting on the boat, enjoying the short bit of sun and listening to all the rides at Cedar Point.

And, most importantly, let's get to the Gap winner fromy my Born To Fit party. Because I'm tired and the BF won't let me tape him because he's playing Tiger Woods on PS2 now, I'm going to pick the winner out of the bowl.

See, bowl here.

And the winner is Lil Woman! E-mail me your address and I'll get the coupon out to you. Just in time for fall...

Friday Fodder

Friday, August 21, 2009
A random morning conversation I had with my boyfriend.

BF: "Alllison," the bF says in a low whisper.

"Allison", he says again and this time I hear him.

Me: "What are you whispering over there?"

BF: "Kiss me through the phone."

Me: "What is wrong with you?"

BF: "I had a dream last night I was on stage singing that song."

Me: Thinking he must still be asleep because he is still laying in bed. "Are you serious right now? Do you hear what you are saying? You hate that song."

BF: "I know, but girls were pulling at my legs at the front of the stage and I was signing the song."

Me: Now, I'm laughing hysterically because he's still laying in bed telling me this stupid story after he has shut off that song every time I play it.

Silence for awhile.

BF: "Kiss me through the phone....How does the rest of it go?"

Face Lift

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
In case you haven't noticed, I gave my blog a quick face lift with the help of Splendid Sparrow.

Designing a new blog layot can get expensive, especially since I don't know a lick about code or web design myself. I've been looking for a premade and I found what I was looking for over at here.

Party all the time

You got it - I'm quoting one of my all time favorite songs from the 80s. No one sings it like Eddie Murphy and Rick James.

Awhile back, I was approached by the lovely Justine to be a Gap enthusiast along with a few other bloggers across the country.

My first experience was a Gap shopping spree, then there was my congratulations gift from Gap and now there was a jean party.

Yes, a jean party.

After explaining it over and over to my friends, I think they finally understood the gist and, more importantly, that free jeans were in the mix for them.

Overheard at the party:
"I can really take these?"
"I don't remember Gap jeans looking like this."
"These are so soft- I love the material."
"I love this dark wash."
"Wait, do you have the ripped skinny jeans? I want those."
"Are these in stores already?"
"I should start a blog."

All the jeans lined up

some party snacks - prosciutto wrapped melon is delicious

Friends with the props

My friend Michelle modeling her too long Sexy boot

Chris, one of the only men, who would let me take his picture with his over-cheesy smile

my only friend who could take all three size 25!

Notice all my friends went into a bedroom to try on the jeans. Well, some boys just don't follow those rules.

In honor of my friend whipping off his jeans and showing his boxer briefs, I'm giving away one pair of jeans (it's a coupon for up to $70 at the GAP).

To enter this contest, leave a comment. That's it. Just leave a comment and I'll randomly pick the winner on Friday, August, 21. Boys can enter too!

Vegas Take 2

Sunday, August 16, 2009
Rewind and flip back to Take 1 to catch up if you haven't already.

After my friends and I sunned ourselves all day at Azure pool, we all headed back to our hotel to get ready for another dinner on the strip. This time we dined at Rare 120 in the Hard Rock.

Katie and Michelle at Rare 120

Our plan was head over to Pure, the Pussycat Lounge and then over to the very popular XS. We were thrown off track when we ran into these very nice girls who were just a few years younger than us. They had bottle service at Body English but didn't have enough girls to get in. That's where we came in to save the day!

They begged us to just get them in and they we could be on our way if we wanted. Hell no. Oh please. No. We stayed and helped them finish their whole bottle.

With one of the nice girls

After that long night, we hung out at our pool in good ol' Vegas at the Golden Nugget. It was a total 360 from the Azure pool but this pool had a freaking slide. Not just any slide, but a slide that became cooler with the more tequila we drank throughout the day. You couldn't have a bad time at this the pool. The slide made you instantly happy again.

So, on our last night, we all agreed we had to make it to XS. Everyone talked about XS like it was the second coming and you can't leave Vegas if you don't go there. Go there, we did, but first we went to dinner at Lavo.

When we finally make our way to XS, it's almost close to midnight at this point. Now we had heard that people wait four to five hours to get into this place but we didn't believe it. Our friend's brother is a concierge out in Vegas and really helped us out all week. We cut in line and didn't have to pay any covers, including what would've been a $60 cover at XS.

About 20 minutes goes by and the doorman he knows isn't coming up yet, which is completely understanble the stupid long lines on both sides of the entrance. Between continously being escorted to "stop standing" because "you must keep moving" said the security guards in purple jackets, my friends had almost had enough.

By complete chance, a couple comes up to two of my friends and asks if we need into the club. Duh, of course we do. They lead us past the stupid long line and what we thought was just a table really deep within the club. We thought we were going to a table, but we actually walked all the way up to a cabana overlooking the pools.

Our time was short-lived in this club, but not without a chance encounter and a few old men to cap it off. The cabana was occupied by these older group of orthodontists who seemed harmless at first. Luckily, I saw Matt Logelin in the cabana next to me.

If you don't know him, you live under a rock because his blog and story have been all over whether it's Oprah or any newspaper. By complete chance, he's in the cabana next to me and out celebrating a friend's birthday. I leave, what turned out to be a bunch of creepy guys I find out later, to introduce myself to Matt, in a non-creepy-I-read-your-blog-everyday- way of course.

A few minutes passed and my friends Katie and Michelle walked up to us.

Katie: "Um, hi," she says to Matt then looks at me. "Allison I think we need to leave now."
Me: "Why already?"
Katie: "Well, that guy over there," she points to the one with huge thick black glasses on, "asked me to have an affair and wants us to go back to his room to 'do stuff."
Me: "WHattt!!"
Michelle: "And Dr. Love tried to spoon me on the lounge chair."
Me: Stunned, "Yep, maybe you are right. It's probably time to leave."

Are you wondering who Dr. Love is? Well, he's one of the orthodonists who were renting the cabana. He told me to call him Dr. Love and I nearly spit out my drink. Dr. Love is the kind of guy who probably has kids at home, definitely has a wife, because he didn't even bother to take his ring off. Actually, many of them didn't even care to take their rings off.

After Michelle and Katie told me their stories, I said goodbye to Matt and his friends and walked myself right back to the cabana with Dr. Love and the rest of the dental men. I poured myself another drink for the road only to find them canoodling with two women who definitely would be paid for their services later that night.

Here's the only picture we captured in XS before the creepy guys.

It was a long trip. It was so much fun and so great to getaway with a group of friends. On the last day before we left, I finally made my way to the fountains. My friend Katie kept telling me "you can't leave Vegas without seeing a fountain show." I finally saw one and then hopped on the four hour flight home.

yay for fountains

Friday Fodder

The word "Daddy" by girls over the age of 7 makes my skin crawl.

eewwwwwwww. Blah. Gross. Sick.

Why on earth would a grown women ever use that word to refer to their father? It drives me crazy when you hear women use that word in a high-pitched voice and then pout their lips. Um. No. It's gross.

Have you ever seen Fool's Gold? (I'm not ashamed to admit I caught it while flipping through HBO.) The girl who plays the old guy's 16-year-old daughter constantly refers to him as "daddy." Now, she's on one of my favorite shows, Entourage, and I can think of is her in the movie Fool's Gold. I can't see her as Eric's new toy for the moment. Every Sunday night I picture her not as Eric's girlfriend, but the 16-year-old who called her dad "daddy" 45,343 times throughout the movie.

Other words that creep me out:

Panties - sick.
Moist - sick.
The P word - so sick.
Suck - yes, I hate that word. I hate that word used in any form. I hate it more when something doesn't go my way, I tell a friend and their response is "Oh, well that sucks."

What words, if any, creep you out?

change will do you good

Two weeks ago, I was on a hunt for quarters. The bank was closed, gas stations wouldn't give them to me and my local Heinen's was closed. (This is where I get my quarters from because it's right down the street from me.)

Thus, fueling my hatred for coin laundry machines in apartment buildings. I was furious.

I had multiple loads of laundry to do before my big Vegas trip. I needed underwear, work out clothes and dresses for the trip.

Nevermind the fact that I find laundry to be one of the most annoying chores to complete. I would rather, vacuum and clean mirrors, and maybe even the bathroom, then have to worry about washing clothes. It takes multiple hours because you have to wait for it to wash, then dry, then maybe even line-dry in your apartment because certain clothing items should not be in the dryer.


It took me until the next day to find quarters because no one would give them to me.

Since when can't you trade a $10 bill for quarters at gas station? You can buy day old Krispy Kreme donuts, beer and a pickle-in-a-bag, but you can't give me a roll of quarters?!

Besides the fact that my apartment complex must be living in 1954, I think it's about time they upgraded their laundry facilities for units that work with cards. Then, I can upload my card with money at my convenience. And, I won't have to write rants about my hatred for coin laundry.

Vegas Take 1

Monday, August 10, 2009
Where do I even start recounting the last 4 days in Las Vegas?

I have so many funny stories and encounters to share but I'll avoid some of the many inside jokes. Let's start from the beginning on Thursday.

The four of us arrived ready for Vegas heat and an easy plane ride. Well, we definitely experienced the heat but not a smooth flight. Before we were able to get off the ground, a blind man decided to pick a fight wit the stewardist. He hurled a few slurs because he didn't want to move his dog out of the walkway and then said, "This is the first time I've been thrown off a plane."

WHAT!! Why would you say that? So, twenty-five minutes later, they kicked his ass off on the plane and we were ready for our trip.

We kicked off the trip with a champagne toast in the hotel room.

Thursday night we had dinner at some sushi restaurant on the strip and then headed to Moon at the Palms.

Friday morning we woke up in the hotel we all should've stayed at the whole weekend at the Palazzo. I need to bottle up that floral scent and bring it home because it's absolutely divine.

Katie in our room

We stayed at the Palazzo and laid by the pool for several hours. Who knew we would witness a poor girl puking all over herself on the day bed next to us. I was taping it as she was waking up and even caught a security guard walking over to see the catasprophe. Ladies, don't leave your friends passed on by herself!!

Katie posing at the pool

Me and Erin

I didn't snap a picture of it at the pool and am kicking myself for it. There is a guy and girl who walk around to distribute cucumbers to lay out with. While we were there, they must've walked around several times with this bowl of slices to hand out to people to either eat or put over your eyes. People were doing both with them, but I'm pretty convinced they were for your eyes.

At the Azure pool

More from the next two days in my next post...

Friday Fodder

Friday, August 7, 2009
Surprise! I'm in Vegas with my girlfriends but I couldn't help but share a video. As I was packing, I taped Toddlers & Tiaras last night and the BF was shocked and gave me "are you f'ing serious" look. Who cares. I wanted to see what this pageant life is all about.

I find it fascinating and disturbing all at the same time. The whole look of these little girls freaks me out. No ONE dresses like that, not even their moms, so why the hell do they dress them up like Malibu Barbie on steroids?

Tim Gunn needs to put in a 911 call to help these pageant folks out. ASAP.

Not only are they glammed up like 80s drag queens, they give them new teeth called a flipper. You know, because having a missing tooth isn't glamorous for a beauty queen.

And this mother isn't a stage mom at all.

making bad decisions (vegas style)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Tomorrow a group of my friends and I are heading west so the city of Las Vegas.

In my 26 years, I've never been to Vegas and I always receive the same reaction from people when I share that detail.

Astonished person: "YOUUUUUUUU'VVVE never been to VEGGGAASSSS?!?"

After Sunday when I arrive tired and most likely hungover from the plane ride, I can now check of Vegas of my places to see and make bad decisions with friends.

Now, don't worry mom and dad since you read this, I won't marry Erin or Katie and think it's only legal in Nevada.

Here are our planned activities:
--Laying out for hours at the pool
--Indoor skydiving
--A Criss Angel Show (maybe)
--Tao pool party
--Playboy and Pussycat Doll Lounge and a few other clubs
--Sushi when we arrive on Thursday night
--Sweating our asses off in 100 degree heat
--Celebrating a bachelorette party for a bachelorette I don't really know

Here are our nonplanned activities:
--Getting hit on by douchebags in Affliction shirts
--Raging headaches from drinking one too many chocolate cake shots
--Accidentally breaking a heel or two
--Winning millions (awesome surprise!!)
--Running through water shows
--Getting arrested
--Taking many inappropriate pictures that will never be posted to Facebook

For all you Sin City lovers, any spots we must hit that aren't on our list?

are you going to...

...blog about this? Are you twittering right now?

As I've said before, I'm pretty hooked on my iPhone. I'm constantly checking e-mail, twittering, updating my Facebook status and twitpicing images and videos of my friends and places I go.

If you can't tell, I'm still in the honeymoon stage with my iPhone.

This past weekend, I was out at the bars with three boys - the BF and his two friends. Because it was getting late and I was tired from work, I was bugging the BF to go home. (I had reached my breaking point when I saw 7 different Affliction shirts on the bar patio alone plus a women with F breasts. I kid you not. She might as well have held up basketballs to her chest.)

My friend, Mike, decided to humor me and text me his versions of blog entries even though he was sitting right next to me. (He constantly makes fun of me for my blog. It's all in good fun but when I threaten to uninvite him from my Gap party, he tends to back down.)

So, if Mike was blogging, here is his entry about my sandals for that night. He likes to call me Cleopatra but I love love love this sandals.

"This girl was so stupid because she was complaining the whole time and she thought she was a roman emperor with her shoes."

What piece of clothing do you love but your friend seem to hate?