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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
The BF likes to me make fun of me for many things. He likes to pick of my individual talents and quirks. (Yes, I consider twirling my hair with both hands and not tying it into a knot a talent. Who wouldn't?)

He thinks I say any word with an "A" funny. Like saaaaalad. As if I draw out the 'a' sound in an annoying accent. (I assure you - it doesn't sound like that.)

He thinks I'm a bull in china shop. Maybe I'll slightly agree with him on this. Even when I'm trying to be quiet and courteous, I find a way to knock everything over in my medicine cabinet early in the morning, so it comes tumbling out onto the tile floor. This may or may not have included a brand new bottle of perfume that shattered all over my floor. (Still pissed about that mishap.)

He's says I'm messy. In my defense, I'm not all the time. The bedroom has a tendency to be engulfed with clothing, undergarments and shoes because let's face it - a girl needs her options. Am I wrong?

But there's one place I'm not messy or unorganized. Never. And that place would my car. Go figure I know. There's nothing worse than driving in a messy car. My car is so clean. I think people are surprised to see my desk covered in papers and then my ever-so organized car. There are no clothes, receipts, pieces of paper or a random flip flop to be found.

Not a thing.

You won't even find empty coffee cups in my car. But you will find two pairs of sunglasses and a lipgloss.

Nothing else.

Oooo and an umbrella.

So maybe my office looks like a tornado hit my desk and occassionally my closet explodes onto the carpet three times a week, but if you want to go for a ride, you will be riding in a clean car and singing along to Lady Gaga.

Yep, singing is mandatory.


Holly Grande said...

When I have my own place, my kitchen will be spotless. My room is a mess and, well, my car is less than pretty, but my kitchen will shine like the top of the Chrysler building. The only thing that prevents my current kitchen from being in this state is that it is only 33.3% mine.

Singing in my car is also mandatory, but dancing is required in my kitchen. :)

Amy said...

My bf calls me messy too. But I am an organized mess - I know exactly where everything is and if you move it I will be pissed! I have a weird way of keeping organized, and sometimes its a little messy, and then I'll get on these kicks and clean like crazy. Oh and I hate messy cars too. Nothing is more discouraging than getting in the car with someone and not being able to put your feet down because of all the crap on the floorboard. Eww.

Mel said...

Ha! My boyfriend cleaned out my car last night (awesome, right?) so I could fit my "moving things" into the back. "You have, like, 6 pairs of shoes in your car."

Yes, and a winter coat, and a yoga mat, and rollerblades, and two bags for Goodwill... and an entire shoebox filled with tickets from Dave & Busters (yeah, before I knew you could load 'em on a card). Alas, he cleaned to throw (mostly) everything away. That is his method.

I'm fairly certain I could live in my car.

steph anne said...

Lucky you I can never keep my car clean.

I was just thinking about this kind of thing earlier especially about people's offices. one of my co-workers' desk is messy, and this could mean he's messy or not at home. My mom keeps her house clean and organized and I went to her office one time and I couldn't even see her desk or floor!

Marie said...

A girl's closet is always allowed to explode with shoes, handbags and clothing sprawled everywhere.

It's our God given right I tell you!

Lil' Woman said...

My car is horrible but I still jam out in it! :)

J said...

I can't keep my car clean to save my life. Someday I hope to!

Katelin said...

i hate having a messy car too. i rarely have anything in besides CDs and a reusable grocery bag, haha. but overall i'm pretty tidy so it's not that much of a surprise i suppose.

Anonymous said...

Did you hire someone to clean your car????..Or is it the "new car" syndrome where while it's new it's clean????..I applaud the effort but if you're "clean/organized", it SHOULD carry over to ALL aspects of your life...Sorry to rain on your parade...Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

I apologize to my daughter Allison for my previous rude comments...I was out of line and it won't happen again..Love, Dad

Allison M. said...

Holly Grande - yes to dancing in the kitchen.

Amy - I've used that line too.

Mel - you had WHAT in your car!

steph anne - I have lots of paper on my desk right now. In piles though.

Marie - it must be.

Lil Woman - does the big man ride in there?

J - at least toss empty cups.

Katelin - i strive to be like you.

Dad - thanks for being nice and also continue to parent through my blog.