Vegas Take 2

Sunday, August 16, 2009
Rewind and flip back to Take 1 to catch up if you haven't already.

After my friends and I sunned ourselves all day at Azure pool, we all headed back to our hotel to get ready for another dinner on the strip. This time we dined at Rare 120 in the Hard Rock.

Katie and Michelle at Rare 120

Our plan was head over to Pure, the Pussycat Lounge and then over to the very popular XS. We were thrown off track when we ran into these very nice girls who were just a few years younger than us. They had bottle service at Body English but didn't have enough girls to get in. That's where we came in to save the day!

They begged us to just get them in and they we could be on our way if we wanted. Hell no. Oh please. No. We stayed and helped them finish their whole bottle.

With one of the nice girls

After that long night, we hung out at our pool in good ol' Vegas at the Golden Nugget. It was a total 360 from the Azure pool but this pool had a freaking slide. Not just any slide, but a slide that became cooler with the more tequila we drank throughout the day. You couldn't have a bad time at this the pool. The slide made you instantly happy again.

So, on our last night, we all agreed we had to make it to XS. Everyone talked about XS like it was the second coming and you can't leave Vegas if you don't go there. Go there, we did, but first we went to dinner at Lavo.

When we finally make our way to XS, it's almost close to midnight at this point. Now we had heard that people wait four to five hours to get into this place but we didn't believe it. Our friend's brother is a concierge out in Vegas and really helped us out all week. We cut in line and didn't have to pay any covers, including what would've been a $60 cover at XS.

About 20 minutes goes by and the doorman he knows isn't coming up yet, which is completely understanble the stupid long lines on both sides of the entrance. Between continously being escorted to "stop standing" because "you must keep moving" said the security guards in purple jackets, my friends had almost had enough.

By complete chance, a couple comes up to two of my friends and asks if we need into the club. Duh, of course we do. They lead us past the stupid long line and what we thought was just a table really deep within the club. We thought we were going to a table, but we actually walked all the way up to a cabana overlooking the pools.

Our time was short-lived in this club, but not without a chance encounter and a few old men to cap it off. The cabana was occupied by these older group of orthodontists who seemed harmless at first. Luckily, I saw Matt Logelin in the cabana next to me.

If you don't know him, you live under a rock because his blog and story have been all over whether it's Oprah or any newspaper. By complete chance, he's in the cabana next to me and out celebrating a friend's birthday. I leave, what turned out to be a bunch of creepy guys I find out later, to introduce myself to Matt, in a non-creepy-I-read-your-blog-everyday- way of course.

A few minutes passed and my friends Katie and Michelle walked up to us.

Katie: "Um, hi," she says to Matt then looks at me. "Allison I think we need to leave now."
Me: "Why already?"
Katie: "Well, that guy over there," she points to the one with huge thick black glasses on, "asked me to have an affair and wants us to go back to his room to 'do stuff."
Me: "WHattt!!"
Michelle: "And Dr. Love tried to spoon me on the lounge chair."
Me: Stunned, "Yep, maybe you are right. It's probably time to leave."

Are you wondering who Dr. Love is? Well, he's one of the orthodonists who were renting the cabana. He told me to call him Dr. Love and I nearly spit out my drink. Dr. Love is the kind of guy who probably has kids at home, definitely has a wife, because he didn't even bother to take his ring off. Actually, many of them didn't even care to take their rings off.

After Michelle and Katie told me their stories, I said goodbye to Matt and his friends and walked myself right back to the cabana with Dr. Love and the rest of the dental men. I poured myself another drink for the road only to find them canoodling with two women who definitely would be paid for their services later that night.

Here's the only picture we captured in XS before the creepy guys.

It was a long trip. It was so much fun and so great to getaway with a group of friends. On the last day before we left, I finally made my way to the fountains. My friend Katie kept telling me "you can't leave Vegas without seeing a fountain show." I finally saw one and then hopped on the four hour flight home.

yay for fountains


Lil' Woman said...

What a fun trip but eww about Dr. Love, pity the poor woman who actually married douches like that.

Mel said...

What is it about Vegas that gives men some sort of aloof view of his marital status? I had some married guy hit on me too, and essentially attempt to get me to return to his room with him.

Not to mention, thinking that I was a prostitute. Uh, awesome?

XS was definitely fun, but I quickly grew tired of the crowd. I have a very, VERY low tolerance for douchbaggery. It seems as though Vegas runs rampant with that mentality now. Sad.

Marie said...

A trip isn't complete unless icky older men hit on you.

Sounds like you ladies had an awesome time! I think we all need more trips like this...

heidzilla said...

Ummm I'm sooo jealous you met Matt Logelin. That is awesome.

heisschic said...

kind of really jealous of your vaca. i've never been. bah.

hope you enjoyed the feast- people watching there is always a blast. (twitter... not a complete stalker, yo)

matt said...

he called himself dr. love? are you serious? those dudes were so disgusting...i thought you knew them, so i didn't want to say anything.

four of them cornered my friend's girlfriend and one of them stuck his tongue down her throat. it was pretty bad.

and just for the record, vegas is my version of hell.

i couldn't wait to get out of there.

Allison M. said...

Lil Woman-- old dirty men....they are everywhere.

Mel - XS was a walking advertisement for affliction.

Marie- it should be expected when you go to Vegas, right?

heidzilla - It was hilarious. I went from creepy old men to a nice, subdued group of normal people.

heischic - i loved the feast!

Matt- No, definitely did not know any of those people and wouldn't recommend them as orthodontists either.

TaraMetBlog said...

lines at Vegas suck! I was on freakin the list at Bank the other week and still had to wait 20 mins just to get up to the guy with the clipboard, grr. At least we didn't have to pay a cover or continue to wait any longer though. I haven't been to XS yet though -- bottle service is the way to go, lucky you!

Katelin said...

oh yay for such a fun trip. that's awesome you didn't have to pay covers or wait in that many lines, totally clutch. and woo for matt logelin, he is awesome.