Waving at you from the west coast

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Within the last year, I’ve started to travel a lot more for work. I was able to travel to some interesting events, read bull riding, for work. It was pretty cool because I would otherwise never have gone to see a Professional Bull Rider event.

Here is a list of the places I’ve been.

Los Angeles
Oklahoma City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York City
Los Angeles

Now that I have some travel under my belt, I’m pretty efficient when I go through security. I try not to be on my phone and have my boarding pass ready with ID. I’m even mastering the art of going through security without causing too much commotion. I have my system down. With my carry-on bag, I have all my 3 oz liquids in its own compartment, pull out my laptop and throw up my shoes and I’m ready to go through.

This isn’t the case with everyone. I can’t even imagine what that’s like going through security with kids because that is a whole other ball game. They look so darling with their little backpacks and pillows but you know that’s a security guards nightmare to have to go through each little Barbie bag, toy by toy.

But what kills me is the people who have clearly traveled many times before but still don’t understand the concept of the metal detector or security in general, like removing shoes.

“You mean, I have to take off my shoes?”

No, you, my dear, will receive special treatment and don’t have to remove your shoes. Of COURSE you have to take off your shoes.

This isn’t a new concept, it’s been around for years along with the metal detector.

It will detect METAL. In case that wasn’t clear enough by the name of the device.

So take off your belt, just to be safe.
Remove all change from your pockets, money clips and bracelets. Oh, and jackets, too.
Anything that you think will set it off, remove it and send it through on the belt because others behind you will appreciate the gesture.

Luckily, my security trip was relatively effortless this time around and I don’t have any good stories to share, mostly because no one was in line when I went through.

What do you find funny about people when traveling?


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people you must hate. I don't travel much and security freaks me out. I'm always terrified I'm going to get stopped. And every year, it's inevitable, someone in my party does! I think we all focus so much on not having anything we're not supposed to have (liquids, nail clippers, etc) that we always forget the obvious. One year, I had a pair of scissors in my bag because I'd been sewing the day before. Another year, my mom forgot to take her wine screw out of her purse (she's a server.) The worst year was the year my brother decided to bring his retractable lightsaber. The security people I guess have never seen one before, they thought for sure it was a secret hidden weapon. So I'm sorry to you and all other experienced travelers that we hold you up. But hey, at least I remember to take off my shoes!

Julienne said...

The last three times I've gone through security I have heard the words, "I pick you for random search" - AWESOME.

Christina K said...

Allison, I heart airports with different lines for savvy travelers vs. families and people who have no idea what they are doing. I think San Diego is one of those kinds of airports.

Marie said...

They are so silly when they huff and puff and complain that they MUST take off their shoes YET AGAIN and have to take out the little plastic bag with all their small liquid bottles and OMG it's so annoying!!

You'd think they'd never been through a security line before (even though they have).

All Lacquered Up said...

For the most part I've been pretty lucky in my travels over the past year. No buffoons messing up the line BUT when The Boyfriend and I were leaving for vacation last March we were stuck behind the most clueless woman on the planet. She must not have flown in the past 10 years because she packed full size bottles of her hair products and suntan lotion in her carry-on. And it wasn't cheap stuff. You should have seen the horrified look on her face when they told her the bottles couldn't go through. Part of me wanted to cry for her, because I would, the other part wanted to ask what rock she's been living under.

The thing is, she was traveling with two friends and all I have to say is they suck. Undoubtedly they knew she was ignorant to the TSA rules and didn't think to warn her. I'm sorry but friends don't make friends lose their Kerastase!

Je said...

Alison - I forget what you do. I think you and I have talked about it before in blog comments. Will you, perchance, be going to BlogWorld Expo in Vegas in October?

Katelin said...

i hate when people are on their cell phones and not paying attention to the line as it's moving to go through security, such a hassle.

butnoteveryday said...

i think CLE has priority lines for people who travel...if not CLE then Midway in CHI does for sure.

#1 crying babies
#2 walking bare foot (i travel comfy, in the summer i'm in flip flops)
#3 once this guy was eating in line dumbass

going to the air port is like working out. i put my ear buds in and i don't want to be disturbed. unless i'm with a friend and we're going someplace sweet. then i'm all about the airport bar (minus the prices) and getting wasted before a flight...and hoping not to get kicked off for being intoxicated.