Weekend hangover

Monday, September 7, 2009

That went fast.

I had a lot of fun and need to stop drinking bottles of wine. Nothing is worse than a wine hangover. But, nothing will cure it like some fried food at the Canfield Fair, which I ate plenty enough of for the rest of my life.

Let's back up to Saturday. Oh how I love dirty bread. For those of you non-Hungarians, it's bacon bread where you roast bacon and press it onto rye bread with onions, tomatoes and/or green peppers and then sprinkle paprika.

Delicious. Roasting the bacon

An official dirty bread set up

view from the deck

On Sunday night, we celebrated our friends' engagement at her parents house. This is where drinking bottles of wine doesn't work, especially in the next morning. I should really stick to liquor rather than drinking two bottles of wine over an extended period of time. Worst hangover.

View from the table.

What your left eye looks like after bee sting. Ouch!

Grown men not behaving while taking a picture. "No more ball tapping" says the groom to be.

why I didn't feel so hot this morning

What did you wish you didn't drink this weekend?


All Lacquered Up said...

Oh how I feel your pain. Our neighborhood block party was on Sunday and I think I had at least a twelve pack of some pretty strong German beer (Spaten Optimator). I don't think I could count the bottles and not get sick at this point. All I wanted today was greasy fried goodness but that do enough. When am I going to realize I'm not 21 anymore? Ouch!

Lindsay said...

I feel your pain. On Saturday I drank wine, lots and lots of wine. I really do think wine is the worst hangover.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

your weekend sounds like my weekend which just proves that we are awesome.

Sarah said...

i drank some sort of apple flavored shot. bad choice, it made me an angry grrl. but it was someone's 21st and free, so how could i refuse?

Katelin said...

oh i definitely had lots of wine this weekend too, haha. but that dirty bread looks delicious! seriously i want some, haha.

katelyn said...

grey goose and red bull -- oh so good yet leads to an oh so horrible headache the next day.

Marie said...

I want some dirty bread! Or is it bacon bread? Whatever it is I WANT SOME.

Can't drink wine since it gives me awful headaches. Sad I know. I stick with the beer. Thankfully no hangovers this weekend even though there was some beer drinking.

Elise said...

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Je said...

dirty bread?!?!!?

I'm trying this immediately, being the biggest bacon fan ever yah know.