Where are all the good designers?

Monday, September 14, 2009
Oh my Saturday. Do you know what I spent a good portion of Saturday doing?

Dress shopping.

Just not any dress shopping but bridesmaid dress shopping.

My friends and I were prepared - the four of us- to try on some really good and bad dresses. It was all in celebration for my friend, Michelle, who is getting married next September. She enlisted the help of three of us to trek all over the Cleveland area to try on dress after dress.

Do you know how many hideous dresses there are out there? I mean, ugly ass dresses that make 27 dresses look like a couture Vera Wang dress. And you know that women are buying these ugly options and making their poor friends wear these. Not everyone wants to be covered in oodles of taffeta or frumpy silhouettes.

Between three stores, we found a few options but mostly all agreed on two, which was quickly narrowed down to one winning dress.

A few options

We didn't like these either

Supposedly this one could be shortened

We are getting closer and ta dah! The winning dress is being worn on the left by Michaelene

Although she's not getting it in black but going with an eggplant color, or at least that's where we left it on Saturday night after a few bottles of wine. It very well could change but I think her mind is made up.

And, one of the best parts, I'm in a wedding three weeks before Michelle's and apparently my friend loves the same dress, in the same freaking color! I love my friends for having good taste and freakishly weird timing.


Katelin said...

oh that's a cute dress. and yeah there are so many ugly ones out there it's ridiculous. i sort of like the gray one in the first pic, it looks fun.

heidzilla said...

OOOH OOH i recognize brides by the falls. i love that store!!!!! got my dress and my BM's dresses there. did you meet karen??? and jennifer??? LOOOOVE them. LOVE.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

how lucky are you if you end up having to only buy one dress!

Marie said...

Wow that is super lucky that you'll only need one for two! Thankfully my friend is not having us wear frumpy ugly colored bridesmaid dresses for her upcoming wedding this October.

Lil' Woman said...

That's awesome that you'll only have to get one dress! :)