because I love a good contest

While you guys are bored at work tomorrow or scanning your blogs through Google reader, do you feel like casting a vote? How about a vote for me?

(Insert shameless plug here.)

About a month ago, Metromix contacted me for this sweetest day contest for Cleveland's most interesting couples.

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. My first thought was "If I'm put up against LeBron and his baby mama, I don't have a chance in hell in winning my spa treatment."

I checked with the BF to make sure he didn't have any objections. I think he might've said, "Well, what is the prize?" Once I shared some of the prizes with him, he was in and said he "needed to approve all content" that I sent in.

Here's what else we can win.

"The winning couple, based on your votes, will receive a romantic prize package that includes dinner for two at Fahrenheit, an overnight stay at Kalahari Resort and a "beyond com-pair" spa package courtesy of Charles Scott."

So, when you are bored tomorrow or for the next two weeks, please vote once, twice or 45 times to put us at the top of the list because I'm dying for a free spa day.


Michelle said...

i voted for you!!!

Marie said...

I totally voted again. I think about three times already. I'll be back to vote again. :)

Jessica said...

just stumbled across your blog and had to laugh out loud at your totally described my boyfriend and I! Although, he doesn't have any hair...but I guess "bic"ing the head everyday makes him kinda obsessive too.

Maxie said...

I'll make sure to vote! Hope you win :-)