brownies come and go

Oh my weekend! Don't you hate how fast weekends seem to come and go? In college, it felt like weekends lasted forever, pretty much because they started on Thursday and didn't end until Monday.

So many things were different in college. I could drink much more than I can now, I was immune to hangovers and my I'm pretty sure my waist and ass were about 2 sizes smaller than they are now.

But you know what is better bigger - my bank account now versus then. So much better now.

Because I have a big girl job, I can afford all those things that I wished I could: vacations, purses, sporting event tickets and better shoes.

Yesterday, the BF and I tailgated with our friends after a rough night. (More to come about my kickass Lady Gaga costume from Saturday night's Halloween party.)

The BF and I woke up two hours late and busted our butts to get downtown by 11 a.m. We scored $25 parking (seriously, the parking nazis need to stop inflating their prices by 200%) and I walked down W.6th with homemade brownies in hand.

Our boys tailgating

Danielle holding Black & Milds (might have to reconsider our friendship)

Walking to the stadium

View from our seats

Obviously, I didn't go to watch them win because they didn't. I like to go to events to have fun with my friends, see some people and drink a few beverages. Once the fourth touchdown was scored, I think we got up at the end of the third quarter and called it a day.

After all, it was a long weekend.


Lil' Woman said...

Poor Browns...atleast you got to booze and chill with friends! :)

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

black and milds?!?!?

i might have to reconsider my friendship with you for even having a friend that smokes those.

Marie said...

Even if your team lost, that just looks like a lot of fun and your seats seemed AWESOME.

Bayjb said...

I will definitely agree that although college was more fun in drinking-related ways, the money now? Total win. Cannot wait to see this Gaga costume!

Fizzgig said...

nothin like a nice cherry black and mild with a beer......ahhhh memories!

$25 parking? Why I love akron, by me.... When attending an Aeros game, (or any downtown bar event..)I can park a block away on the street for free. I can even park directly across the stadium, for $5, but I'm too cheap for that.

That should be illegal!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Being a Cleveland Fan is a thankless job...but at least we're familiar with the task and we can do it drunk.

I'm slightly embarassed to admit that not only did I partake in the Black & Milds (circa '96) but I could "freak" them as well.

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