Crashing and burning

Because I like to highlight relationships gone bad, it's hard to ignore the train wreck that is the former marriage of the Gosselins. Holy unholy matrimony.

(Before this went bad, I was such a fan of the show. I watched it for the kids because they were so damn cute. I never really cared if Kate made fun of Jon or not. Sometimes a man needs to be bossed around. Just ask the BF! He's still around :))

Just when you thought they would proceed with a quiet divorce, Jon is giving interviews left and right to credible news sources such as the Insider and ET and Kate is crying that she's broke on the Today Show.

I have a few questions but my main question is: Where is Hailey at?

There are rumors she was getting her chest done but maybe she's actually watching the children or selling her story to US Weekly again. At least when she was around, I was interested in seeing what Jon was up to. Actually, it was more interesting to see what bad outfits she was wearing in public and all the sweet status updates she had on Facebook that other gossip sites would publish. Nothing says classy then a cig hanging out of your mouth rocking Ed Hardy.

Back to the recent bad interview. Enter Nancy Grace. Who in their right mind would counsel Jon to go against Nancy Grace!! Really? You aren't going to win against this crazy woman. She eats douches like you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have you seen how she treats other experts!? You would have a better option going up against Tyra Banks than Nancy Grace.

She even calls you out for your diamond earrings....errr.... but you correct her that they are CZ instead.

Want my two cents?

Stop giving interviews, watch your kids and get some really amazing legal representation because this is turning uglier faster than Lindsay blowing what's left of her earnings from the Parent Trap.

Oh, and bring back Hailey, K?


Lil' Woman said...

No really, those two are a mess now! :) I bet you Aunt Jodi is laughing her ass off now.

Kristin said...

I loved it when she called him out for making everything about him and not the kids. DBAG!!!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Ha! This post is fantastic. I try not to judge on Kate lookin' harsh on camera now and then (cuz I know I'm a bossy B, just how Mr. Swiss likes it...doesn't mean I don't love him to pieces).

But divorce is *always* a private matter. Don't try to earn yourself brownie points in the media because it's not going to end well.

PS - Nancy Grace is a rabid chihuahua and she gives me nightmares.

PPS - Jon needs a muzzle and a babysitter...wonder if Britney Spear's dad is available to put him on lockdown.

Katelin said...

i loved the nancy/jon face off, so amazing. seriously that woman has no boundaries, haha.