Damn you, Chuck Bass

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Since the start of Gossip Girl (love it), my girlfriends and I have been trying to institute a girls-watching-tv-weekly event.

Yesterday, was our second girls' night in and we enjoyed watching Chuck Bass in his three-piece suits, crocodile shoes and super sultry voice. Instead of our usual bottles of wine, we decided to mix it up courtesy of some new POM chocolate drink. Blue from POM contacted me to see if I wanted to taste test some flavors of POMx Iced Coffee: chocolate, cafe au lait or vanilla.

I'm not an overly huge I-only-drink-iced-coffee kind of girl but I AM a vodka martini drinker. When Blue mentioned mixing it in with cocktails, I was sold - not really a hard sell, right? Plus, I figured my friends wouldn't mind a little homemade martini on our GG nights anyway.

Michelle, the hostess with the mostess

POM and the mixer

Michelle, the hostess with the mostess, tasting the chocolate POM drink

Proof we can't make a decent chocolate martini

(DISCLOSURE: POM paid for samples and shipment. No payment, or request for a subsequent feature, or advertising, was received for this blog post.]


Michelle said...

oooooo "hostess with the mostess"...i like that title! it's has a nice ring to it!!

Michelle said...

i also have to say...i LOVE the new POM!! i would definitely buy it again!!!!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i wish i would have done that with the pom blue sent me - i just drank it normal, silly me.

Marie said...

I bet you gals got a caffeine kick and happy boost with the POM + Vodka!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Mmm...delicious! I don't think I could go straight vodka...but any kind of chocolate is usually a win in my book. If you throw it in my smoothie maker with some ice cubes and some ice cream to mask the high octane vodka I'd put a hurtin' to it.

PS - Any girls night that involves booze and pizza is a success by default.

Julienne said...

Her face when she tasted the vodka and your laugh at the end completely made my day!

I needed it, THANK YOU!