Friday Fodder

Friday, October 23, 2009
Ever since the start of Facebook, it has garnered its share of nicknames, including being most known as the Stalkerbook. It's a legit, yet sort of creepy, way to check in on our friends or not-so-friends to see what they are up to nowadays.

Well, for every non-stalker on Facebook, we all have ours waiting in the wings to pop out and scare the shit of us. It could be a message from an ex-boyfriend, an ex-hook up or that crazy friend from high school from out of the blue that jets us right back to reality, reminding us to be careful of what we post on our pages.

This little gem came from a friend of mine. She's not friends with him on Facebook and hasn't talked to him in years. However, we know he's been watching her from the looks of his message, which was conveniently sent at 1:30 a.m.

To my friend from a past friend who is not currently her friend on Facebook
"I know that this is completely out of the blue but (insert name).... I really just would finally like to tell you something that i have kept to myself since we were in 5th grade. You are by farrrrrr THEE most beautiful woman i honestly have ever laid eyes on. I wish we were closer cause I also thought you were cool to hang out with but.... I understand. Even though this is somewhat really awkward I hope everything is great. Wow i feel kinda awkward."

Although she agrees it's flattering in a roundabout way, she is pretty embarrassed and may need to set some of her settings more private this weekend.

So, she would like to know - does she friend him now or "pretend" she didn't see the message?

My answer - No, no and no.

Happy Friday.


The Anonymous Friend said...

While this was slightly creepy, I must say that it put a HUGE smile on my face and an axtra little bounce in my step.

It's also a depressing reminder that the nicest compliment I've ever received (Mom doesn't count) came from someone on Facebook! That I'm not even friends with!

And....a question for readers, do I have to friend him now?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

You don't have to friend him (unless you want to). In fact, I've gotten messages like this before, and I've either ignored them or just wrote something very benign back (without an accompanying friend request).

And for the love of all things holy, Anon Friend, make your profile private!!

A Creepbook addict

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Take the compliment & deny, deny, deny! :) Enjoy your weekend!

Anon Friend said...

FYI - My profile is private!!

The Modern Gal said...

Wow, straight out of the 'how not to do it' handbook. Only friend him if you really want to be friends with him. Because if you friend him just to be nice, he's going to take it as a 'she likes me' sign.

Marie said...

Creepy much? YES. Tell your friend NOT to friend this person. NOT. So that would be NO.

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