pain in my neck

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
For almost the past month, I've had a pain in my neck. It's pretty annoying. For awhile, I needed to maneuver my whole body to turn my head as if I had a neck brace on.

At first I thought it was work related. Work came and went and I still have the pain.

Then I thought it was relationship related. But, he's still here and I still have the pain. (I think he will always cause some kind of pain though, right?)

Sometimes it's more prevalent than other days and I can't pin point what the hell is going on.

I haven't changed anything related to my sleeping either. I have the same pillows and sleeping routine. (If you are interested, I sleep on my side and hug a pill and wrap the blankets around my feet. The BF mocks me for this routine but it's mine and not changing.)

It's better but now the pain is creeping up my neck to the right side of my head. Great, now my head is throbbing and no amount of pain killers is helping. What the hell is going inside this head of mine?

So, I'm taking any advice (other than seeing a doctor because clearly I need that) so send me your tips.


Mel said...

Alison, seriously, this is so weird -- I've been having the same problem with the right side of my neck! I thought it might have been a combination of not really sleeping well, (ahem) going out too much, STRESSSSSS and the need for a new firmer pillow.

I noticed that I've been wearing my pillow flat the way I've been "sleeping" lately. I'm making that switch first, and hopefully it will be better.

Or I need a massive massage.

Mel said...

And yes, I know you spell your name with two L's. I totally missed that in spellcheck. hehe

Fizzgig said...

swine flu!

Kidding! I think its a good excuse to get a massage!

Michelle said...

i think you may need a tub! come on over!

Rosemarie said...

I had/have this issue as well. I'm beginning to think it is stress related. I went to urgent care and the dr. said my muscles were siezing and they completely immobilized my spine so i couldn't move my neck. The muscle relaxers he gave me worked great. However, he could't tell me WHY my neck did this.

I got one of those foam contour pillows and have been trying to sleep on my back. That's helped keep the kink out.

Christina K said...

I had a similar problem earlier this year, and a massage was a big help. Spoil yourself!

Marie said...

Well if you don't want to go see the doctor I say get a massage. I'm not kidding. Tell the masseuse where exactly you have the pain so he/she can focus just on that. IT REALLY HELPS.

Also, massage a bit of this baby on your back/neck in the shower from Lush: Really helps.

And yes, I've been through something similar. ;)

Barbara said...

massage and chiropractor.

Anonymous said...

For almost the past month, I've been living with a woman who had a pain in her neck. She's pretty annoying. For awhile, I needed to maneuver my whole body to cover my head as if I had a neck brace on so I couldn't hear her whining.

At first I thought it was my fault. But I was in and out all week, and yet she still has this pain.

Then I thought it was relationship related. But wait...I'm the best f-ing thing that's every happened to her! And she's still here so I know I'm doing something right under the sheets. I think she's the cause of her own pain...


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