turning the big 3-0

Well that was a quick September. I can pretty much define my September by cities I was in because that's how incredibly fast it went by. It's already October! I want my September back if nothing more than to enjoy wearing flip flops and skirts for the last time in 2009.

With the start of October came the BF's 30th birthday. That's right, readers, we celebrated the big 3-0 for the BF with the good hair. (I'm just stating the obvious.)

About 35 people headed downtown last night to Bier Markt to drink entirely too much alcohol, celebrate in his honor and watch my younger brother get hit on by women who were way too old for him. These ladies were not cougars at all. Not even close. My brother is 25 and they were well into hitting 40, which is completely fine, but please leave my brother alone.

That wasn't even the most disturbing part. (I'm having flashbacks.) Many of the BF's friends have never met my family, however, they didn't fail to mention to me that my BF looks like my brother who in turn looks my dad because they are twins.

Random friend: "Oh my god, your brother and boyfriend look like they could brothers."
Me: Rolling my eyes, "Ok, no they don't, not at all. Look at them."
Random friend: "Sorry, but they look like they could be brothers."

They don't look alike, they really don't. First off, the BF is 4 inches shorter than my dad and brother. My BF is Italian and Ukrainian and my dad and brother are Polish, Hungarian and Croatian. The only common thread is that they all have good hair and blue eyes. (There I said it, you all have good hair.)

To finally put this to rest, I'm throwing up a picture of all of us from last night so you can make the call.

Do they or do they not look-a-like?


Lil' Woman said...

I can see it a little bit but I think i's because of their eyes.

Anonymous said...

They definitely look alike. Although it may have something to do with you all wearing gray. Did you plan that? But they're noses and chins and hair are identical.

Lindsay said...

I can see it a little it. Their eyes are very similar.

Joanna M said...


So sorry - I looked at the picture before reading the post - I thought it was one of Tim's brothers. They look a LOT alike!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

dude they totally look alike! you are a lucky lady to have all those good looking men in your life.

hello brother, call me!

jk jk jk

i'm very mad i missed the party :( - could have gotten to meet momma and pappa allison

Maxie said...

Yes they do look alike.

and your brother is lovely. I'm of an appropriate age. You can send him my way.

Marie said...

Ok so there is a bit of resemblance. Juuuust a teeeny bit!

Happy 30th!

Narm said...

First - was it a gray themed party?

Second - they are like twins.

Suzanne said...

I hate to say it but they do look like they could be related. (even with the height difference)

Katelin said...

haha it is sort of funny that you guys are all wearing similar colors.

but i sort of see mild resemblance, but not all that much.

LiLu said...

Not! I so hear you, too. One of my besties SWEARS B looks like my college gay boyfriend... it totally freaks me out!

J said...

Definitely think they look alike. Interesting and also find it curious that all wore similar colors!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I would hate to be told that my hubby looks like my bro/dad. Creep factor would be running about 95%. Then again, I think he looks a bit like me...again, creepy.

That being said, I have to say they look similar. I think it's the face shape (look at the jawline). I can't see the eye color, but they all have the same shape of eye...even similar eyebrows. OK, I'm going to stop before you throw something at me ;)

In any event, there are worse scenarios than being surrounded by handsome men with good hair.

michelle v said...

You all look alike! Such a cute family,

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