Boston Day 1

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
After 72 hours of each other, we made it back alive to share our weekend vacation together in Boston. The BF and I haven't taken a vacation together in the three plus years we've been dating.

Yes, we've gone to weddings out of town, but never a vacation alone and together. (I know, we were well overdue for one.)

We threw around a few ideas of places to visit and ultimately decided on Boston because I always wanted to see Boston in the fall and I have a small obsession with Salem. That's right - I've always wanted to go to Salem on or around Halloween to explore all the history that is the witch trials.

Since we were there for three days, I'm just going to let our pictures tell the story.

Day 1: Off to a beer tasting

And maybe I spilled some...

The BF kneeling in front of beer, only boys.

Beautiful view

BF reading the map. all. the. time

Ride on Paul Revere

Mike's Pastry is our Presti's

Hanging outside of Paul Revere's old digs

We finished the evening out with friends and at Jacob Wirth where you can sing around the piano while eating dinner or drinking. It's amazing place. Plus, there was a guy dressed up as Caeser with sword and all and it wasn't even Halloween yet.

Next up: Harvard, Salem and dinner at the oldest restaurant in America


The Modern Gal said...

Ooo, I've always wanted to go to Boston.

Laura said...

This looks so fun! You guys are cute. Mike and I haven't ever gone on a vaca together, either. I'm glad to hear your first one together was a success!

Anonymous said...

i just laughed in the middle of my Con-Law class at Tim kneeling

LiLu said...

Awww, you were in my home! Love it!

Kimmy said...

That looks like so much fun! I love it! I'm so jealous. Wish I had time to vacation.

Katelin said...

haha the picture of the bf kneeling is priceless, oh boys.

Bayjb said...

Oh my gosh, I went to Boston this summer and did a lot of the same things!! Looks like a good time.

Marie said...

My boyfriend would more than likely kneel to the beer too. Boys will be boys.

This makes me miss Boston so much!

mcm.hannah said...

I have never been but that is one place i would really like to go. looks like you guys survived the romantic weekend away:)