finding my balance

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Tonight I took a beam pilates class at my local fitness center. Typically I gravitate toward cardio classes where I sweat my ass off -it's what I know and love. Way back when I was an athlete and could wear a size four (yes, I did once), I have always associated the amount of sweating to gauge if my workouts were hard enough.

Throw in a beam fit and some pilates moves and you just threw this girl off her game.

I came to find out that I'm lacking balance. I have a little but I really need to focus on improving it. The instructor kept telling us to not look around because it would throw off our poses, so I was trying as hard as I could to kick forward, squat, kick forward, squat, kick forward and then stretch all the way back on a five inch wide beam.

I couldn't help but laugh at myself because my right side is much better balanced then my left side. I would do really well for a few reps and then fall off when she got a little more tricky with the all the magical leg circles and squat/lunge positions.

After an hour of laughing at myself but getting a great workout in, I felt extremely refreshed with a little bit of bruised ego because my balance isn't exactly what I thought it was after all. Because I've been pretty busy at work, I really have fallen off my workout wagon.

I feel SO much better when I'm working out. Everything is better in my life. I eat better. I am less stressed (as my dad so matter-of-factly pointed out to me last week.) I sleep better. I'm better to be around. I feel better. My mood is better.

So, I've decided, that I've made enough work/life/personal excuses and it's time to give myself a swift kick in the ass and get back into shape. Focus on getting me back into routine while making my butt and legs smaller all at the same time.

After all...that Cleveland half marathon isn't going run itself, now is it?


Kim said...

I love Pilates. At first I was skeptical that I'd get a good workout but I'm convinced now after getting hooked on the classes!

Katelin said...

i definitely need to get myself in shape too. hopefully some yoga and cardio combined will do the trick, don't know if i can pull off pilates though, haha.

The Modern Gal said...

Ooo, I'd love to try one of those classes. You burn so many more calories when you're both strengthening your muscles and doing cardio.

Bayjb said...

Wow beam pilates? that's interesting. I want to hear more about that. Also, I have an awful sense of balance but I really want to improve. I hate being so off center.

Anonymous said...

I see some of my advice still seeps in that head of your every once in a while..Remember, I have a lot more just ask

jamie said...

Oh that does sound challenging! I'd like to try that and probably fall on my face a lot. haha

Bayjb said...

I love the feeling of working out. I feel so much thinner, happier and just better about everything. I definitely also love a mix of sweating and just having a good pilates class too