Mimosas are never a bad thing

My friends and I are reaching the age of "the parties." And by parties, I mean the parties where it's around make-up, jewelry and Tupperware. You know, those invites you receive, want to turn down but ultimately attend?

I typically turn down jewelry party invites. I don't have fun at them because I feel pressured to have to buy something. Anything to support the person holding it. And, personally, I'm not interested $56 sterling silver necklace where I can buy a cheaper and trendier version of it at Forever21.

However, my friend invited me to a spa party on Saturday afternoon. Spa party? Count me in! Who doesn't want a little relaxing with mimosas on a Saturday?

All the BeautiControl products

Mask me

Katie rocking the lip mask

Michaelene with the relaxing eye pads

After testing lotion after lotion from your feet to hands to face, I ended up buying eye cream and the purple face mask I'm modeling above. Vicki, the consultant, was really great about going over the products with us and sharing relaxation tips with us. Although when it came to the "relaxation part" complete with eye pads and a hot wash cloth to put on your face, my eyes were burning like all hell so I had to skip that part. I just drank another mimosa while everyone was picturing themselves at the beach. Not too shabby for a Saturday afternoon.


Totally_Toni said...

OH how fun and mimosa's will you hate me if I say I have never had one LOL

Katelin said...

sounds like the perfect way to spend a saturday afternoon, especially since mimosas were involved.

Bayjb said...

Yeah that pretty much sounds like heaven. Mimosas? Two please, and no skimping on the champagne.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

the lip mask kind of scares me!

jamie said...

mimosas are always great.

Michelle said...

you guys look like you had sooooo much fun! you will have to do it again so that I can be there!