Off roadin' it

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
I'm the first to say women can't drive. We can't. We are too busy singing to music, messing with our phones, yelling at the kids in the back seat or at our significant other.

I'm personally distracted by shiny objects.

Now, I have a feeling this is a woman driver and not only because that's what the YouTube description says.

First off, look at the wide turn into the space. (Only women do that as they talk with their right hand grasping the cell phone and maneuver the wheel with the left.) Plus, with the sudden acceleration, you know the woman was probably talking to friend and she hit the pedal to run to a Sak's sale. Oops.

Then, as she drives over the unsuspecting white Neon, she reverses (as she's talking to her friend) who then fills her in on another sale at Nordstrom's. She waits and listens for directions to the sale and drives over the mall. Why sit and wait for the police when you are missing a perfectly good shoe sale?

Damn hidden cameras - they will get you everytime.


Magchunk said...

WOW. Sucks to be that white neon. Good thing they weren't sitting in their car!

I think eveyone these days, men and women, are terrible drivers! Most of the guys I know speed way too fast, follow too close and never signal (they do when I'm in the car cause I'm a nag). The gals I know speed suddenly, brake suddenly, and can't look ahead and have a conversation at the same time.

I take the bus now :/

Katelin said...

oh yeah i saw this video last week, insanity. i can't believe they drove away! that is nuts!

my name is Amanda said...

Wild video!

Although - woman driver here - frankly I do not do any of those things while driving...nor have I particularly noticed my female friends doing these things either...

Just sayin'.

Michelle said...

i promise that was not me driving! haha

The Modern Gal said...

Wow. I love the whole drive away slowly bit, like a little kid who's just done something wrong and is hoping not to be caught.

Bad driving transcends the sexual barrier. I like to think I'm a good driver :)