wedding shower fun

My weekend flew by over the past two days. I was all over northeast Ohio visiting my parents way over on the west side and then shopping with the BF all day today. (We probably won't have another one of those trips for awhile because he said I take too long.)

On Saturday, I headed to one of the rites of passage for women: The wedding shower. Somehow along the way of all the weddings I've attended, I haven't been to many of actual wedding showers. I've had other obligations and just had fun picking out things on the gift registry and sending a nice card.

Since it was my cousin's shower, I was excited to go and catch up with my mom's cousins and the rest of my extended family.

These women are hilarious. My mom has a huge family with at least 50 cousins and when all the women get together, it is one loud gathering. (As a kid, I thought everyone's family yelled when they talked. Maybe that's where I get my loud talking from??)

It's absolutely hilarious to be with these women. Growing up, I loved hanging out with them because it was always such a fun environment at family events. I was also reminded by now 18-year-old cousin that I burned popcorn and stained their microwave when I babysat them all those years ago. (I believe I made that same mistake last year and ruined our microwave.)

While I was there, I was bombarded with the age old question: When are you getting married?

So, I took the liberty of sharing with my mom (and everyone else) what I would want my shower to consist of so that my mom wasn't shocked if it ever came to time for me.

I want it to be in the evening where we have a great sampling of alcohol and appetizers on a Friday or Saturday night. I also do not want to open any gifts. (Here's where Jules gave me a weird look.) That's right - no gift opening. I'm going to specify that my guests don't wrap their gifts or if they do, greet each of them as they walk in and spend time with everyone talking, sharing stories and catching up. All my mom's cousins agreed it was a great idea, but I'm pretty sure I didn't win Jules over with my idea. Not yet anyway but there's plenty of time for that.

I was so busy, I only snapped one shot of some of my family.


OHmommy said...

My best friend had a "display" shower and at first the older women were thinking she was crazy... but at the event they realized how great it was to skip that part and instead walk around and mingle.

Mel said...

I HATE sitting at showers waiting and watching people open gifts. It's annoying -- the last few that I attended, more than an HOUR was spent ooh-ing and ahh-ing at baby shit. You know what? I would have rather been able to get 15 minutes more to catch up with my friend.

Not to mention that I think the ritual makes a lot of people who cannot spend as much on a gift very uncomfortable. (I have been in this uncomfortable position myself, and quite frankly, I don't want to spend $200 of my hard-earned money on someone's baby when I don't even have the disposable income to buy myself something).

And yes, I have heard stupid women (and family) gossip -- "OMG! So-and-so didn't even bring a CARD."

Ew. This is why I usually skip them, and send a nice gift and card to the recipient's house. I have a very low tolerance for catty women.

Allison, I'm all about your shower idea. Most people miss the most important part of the shower -- being able to celebrate a great event with close friends and family. Opening presents in front of a group of people, IMO, is tacky.

Lindsay said...

I hated opening gifts at my showers. I love your idea, I would much rather spend time with guests than sit and open gifts.

My favorite shower was our couples shower. It was in the evening and we had really good food and drinks. We spent most of the night spending time with everyone and about 5 minutes on the gifts.

The Modern Gal said...

I like your idea of a shower better. I don't like the idea of opening gifts in front of guests either, but I don't like that much attention on me.

Marie said...

I've only ever been to one shower, mainly because most of my other friends had showers that are just too far away geographically.

When the women in my family get together, we are pretty loud as well. I think it makes the men want to use earplugs.

Bayjb said...

I have always found the gift portion of the shower to be really awkward, but one shower was actually really fun when we made it into a game.

Fizzgig said...

i wouldnt mind showers if you didnt have to watch them open gifts. that takes too long and its boring, and i always feel left out because gifts remind me of xmas and who wants to be presentless on xmas?

orrrrrrr let everyone open a gift at once. getting drunk would help.

designHER Momma said...

I love the idea of not opening the gifts - most boring part of any shower. I suggest more food time, less unwarpping!

steph anne said...

That's the family I want so I must have 5 or more children and hope that they all come & visit with their children when I'm rocking in my chair on the patio. :P