12 month recap in one post

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Why hello there 2009! It was a good one but I'm ready to move on to a new decade! That's right, let's say goodbye to boy band pop music (I still love you 'Nsync), celebs going to rehab, shaving their heads and other non-actors sucking up all TV shows in the name of the word "reality."

I'm hoping for better movies and TV shows a la The Office and Community with a dash of Gossip Girls and less Kardashian staged drama and of that Jon. (That one who starts his name with "Go" and ends with "sselin."

Anyway, let's have my year in review:

The boyfriend learned to finally make the bed, penis pillow or not.

Destroying my property, one eye mask at a time

(At this point, the BF has caught that I'm doing a recap and suggesting posts I should include. The boy needs to get his own blog.)

Went to my first bull riding competition and sat right behind the gates

Paid a lot of money to see Britney lip-sync with my friends in Pittsburgh

Signed up and completed my first 10K - now onto the half marathon in May

No more fake and baking. It's all about the spray tan.

Received my new favorite toy and the bf's take on the iPhone 3GS new compass feature

Met my fairy fashion godmother, Justine, and held a Gap party for my friends complete with free jeans.

My mom is more excited to hear that I may be out with a blog friend, Cleveland's a Plum, then talk to me.

Katie and Morgan got married in Pittsburgh and Michelle and Mike got engaged in the woods which is why I'm not going there anytime with the BF.

Spent 3 days in Vegas with my friends and here's recap 1 and 2 of our days together

Ended the summer with dirty bread with my family

Dressed up as Lady Gaga for Halloween and on Halloween went to Boston with the BF

The BF turned 30 and I threw him a little party

Kicking off 2010 right, I'll be in Detroit to see Lady Gaga, turn 27 on January 18 (mark your calendars) and travel a little bit for work.

But, to end this year right, I'll be partying with friends, eating sushi and sipping on martinis as the ball drops.


Lil' Woman said...

What a great year...have a happy new year girl! :)

Fizzgig said...

awesome! you had a lot of fun posts in there! I envy those able to go thru and make these well thought out new years posts.

Bayjb said...

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2010, looking forward to meeting you next month!

Michelle said...

2009 was even more hilarious now that i read through your recap!!!! let's keep the energy going for 2010!!

Katelin said...

haha love reading over your year, so funny and so awesome. can't wait to see you again next month! happy new year!

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