Gel out

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
If you haven't heard about the Jersey Shore, you've been living under a rock and apparently not read a single newspaper or watched any primetime news program. (Yes, primetime news is covering this amazing gem of a TV show.)

Rewind back a few years and my friends and I found ourselves on spring break in the beautiful city of Acapulco. It was our senior year and the five of us were super excited to go - it was a hilarious trip with black mail pictures to prove it.

Anyway, apparently our college break aligned with Ohio State and every other New York and New Jersey schools. So, it was a bunch of midwest girls surrounded by Italian boys. We met a group of guys on the first day and hung out with them the whole week. Yes, they were Italian and from some school in New York (clearly not important at the time.) We are talking accents and all and sometimes I felt like we needed a translator.

Anyway, these boys didn't do the gel-hair-thing. So, they would yell at every other Italian who did (I think Pauly D was probably there) a guido.

Can you spot Pauly D?

Now, not being Italian, I was pretty sure it was odd that another Italian was calling an Italian a guido, right? Well I was schooled in the world of guidos by these boys and they assured me they weren't, but the fools who tattooed themselves with italian flags or tribal symbols, wore chains and gelled the hell out their hair, were in fact guidos.

Some of non-guidos with us

In order to fully understand the haaair, here is a video showing how Pauly D does his haaair on a daily basis with a step-by-step blow out. Be schooled, young ones, be schooled.


Louis said...

my gosh.... do any girls actually think that Pauly D's hair looks good?

mcm.hannah said...

Allison, I can not believe this post! Too funny! Blown out, man.

Katelin said...

man i love this show, so bad yet so so good.

Bayjb said...

OMG that blow out video is a mix of horrifying and environmentally damaging. I would never want my product in that guys hands. did you hear he's not actually from jersey?

Stephanie said...

I agree with Katelin. So bad yet so good.

Lil' Woman said...

I know why but that damn show just sucks me in! I agree with everyone else so bad yet so

LiLu said...

Hahaha! Did you play the drinking game while watching??

jamie said...

I watched 5 minutes of this and couldn't do it. AND I LOVE bad tv. It's just too much.

Fizzgig said...

i dont get the channel its on. i get nothin good but starz and encore. *sigh*

but i somehow think these kids would annoy the crap out of me. Boys shouldnt spend that much time on their hair!

I just imagine what the pillow cases look like.

thats my age showing thru

allijag said...

We don't have cable (I know, we are weird) but hearing about Jersey Shore (and secretly googling all the clips online) makes me wish we had it! :) also - the word guido always makes me laugh, no matter what.

(i found your blog through alexa's 2009 recap - I'm a cleveland blogger too!)