i celebrated the holidays

Well, here is my Christmas Eve in pictures. It was a long weekend filled with family time, cocktails, laughter, yelling and beer. Did I mention Christmas ale? For some reason, I only have pictures of Christmas eve and stopped taking them after that, but I assure you I had a blast in the boyfriend's neck of the woods. He took me as his date to an annual Christmas party, consisting of several graduating classes of his Alma mater.

My standard line, "Hi, I'm Allison, don't worry, you don't know me because we didn't go to high school." I didn't say that a few times and played with their heads to make them think they should know me, but I only did with a select few. I didn't want to embarrass the BF too much in one evening.

Anyway, back to Christmas eve, I'm not sure what it is about Great Lakes Christmas Ale but it makes everyone stronger, funnier and better looking. And, most importantly, it makes any party better by 100 million times.

Now, to my family celebrating:

typical fireplace shot of my cousins

my brother on the left with 2 cousins, who can still kick his ass for me if necessary

action shot

Jamie doing the robot.

Told you Christmas ales were a bad idea. My brother grabbing an empty case of beer after my cousin knocked him on the concrete. On accident.

Climbing on top of the car

Placing the beer carton on top of my aunt's car.

Just your typical holiday festivities from Allison and her lovely family! Happy almost 2010.


Lil' Woman said...

lol..Looks like a fun Christmas...have a happy new year girl! :)