From my party to yours

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Since most of my friends will be out of town for the real Halloween, the boys held their annual Halloween party. Two years ago I was Rainbow Brite and last year I missed it for something else that we did. (Bad move on my part.)

This year I was Ms. Lady Gaga herself.

The boys asked if I was Madonna. No, I was Lady Gaga. My costume would have been way more convincing if I wasn't wearing pants. Lady Gaga never wears pants and I tried to pull off just my bathing suit bottoms and my slutty boots, however, my legs aren't quite as toned as they once were and it was better for everyone that my friend gave me a pair of leggings.

Brad as JT
Dr. Tim injecting

Lia with a shot that she spit out

Kelly and Chris as Kelly and Zach

Chris dressed in the most politically costume I've ever seen

Then there are these boys. After turning off our dance party music, the breathlizer stole the iPod to put Boyz II Men on and sing to the priest.


I hope everyone's parties are fantastic this weekend! I'm heading to Boston this weekend with the BF to visit the city and see Salem during one of the most spooky times. That's right - I'll be the tourist in Salem on Halloween.

brownies come and go

Oh my weekend! Don't you hate how fast weekends seem to come and go? In college, it felt like weekends lasted forever, pretty much because they started on Thursday and didn't end until Monday.

So many things were different in college. I could drink much more than I can now, I was immune to hangovers and my I'm pretty sure my waist and ass were about 2 sizes smaller than they are now.

But you know what is better bigger - my bank account now versus then. So much better now.

Because I have a big girl job, I can afford all those things that I wished I could: vacations, purses, sporting event tickets and better shoes.

Yesterday, the BF and I tailgated with our friends after a rough night. (More to come about my kickass Lady Gaga costume from Saturday night's Halloween party.)

The BF and I woke up two hours late and busted our butts to get downtown by 11 a.m. We scored $25 parking (seriously, the parking nazis need to stop inflating their prices by 200%) and I walked down W.6th with homemade brownies in hand.

Our boys tailgating

Danielle holding Black & Milds (might have to reconsider our friendship)

Walking to the stadium

View from our seats

Obviously, I didn't go to watch them win because they didn't. I like to go to events to have fun with my friends, see some people and drink a few beverages. Once the fourth touchdown was scored, I think we got up at the end of the third quarter and called it a day.

After all, it was a long weekend.

Friday Fodder

Friday, October 23, 2009
Ever since the start of Facebook, it has garnered its share of nicknames, including being most known as the Stalkerbook. It's a legit, yet sort of creepy, way to check in on our friends or not-so-friends to see what they are up to nowadays.

Well, for every non-stalker on Facebook, we all have ours waiting in the wings to pop out and scare the shit of us. It could be a message from an ex-boyfriend, an ex-hook up or that crazy friend from high school from out of the blue that jets us right back to reality, reminding us to be careful of what we post on our pages.

This little gem came from a friend of mine. She's not friends with him on Facebook and hasn't talked to him in years. However, we know he's been watching her from the looks of his message, which was conveniently sent at 1:30 a.m.

To my friend from a past friend who is not currently her friend on Facebook
"I know that this is completely out of the blue but (insert name).... I really just would finally like to tell you something that i have kept to myself since we were in 5th grade. You are by farrrrrr THEE most beautiful woman i honestly have ever laid eyes on. I wish we were closer cause I also thought you were cool to hang out with but.... I understand. Even though this is somewhat really awkward I hope everything is great. Wow i feel kinda awkward."

Although she agrees it's flattering in a roundabout way, she is pretty embarrassed and may need to set some of her settings more private this weekend.

So, she would like to know - does she friend him now or "pretend" she didn't see the message?

My answer - No, no and no.

Happy Friday.

pain in my neck

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
For almost the past month, I've had a pain in my neck. It's pretty annoying. For awhile, I needed to maneuver my whole body to turn my head as if I had a neck brace on.

At first I thought it was work related. Work came and went and I still have the pain.

Then I thought it was relationship related. But, he's still here and I still have the pain. (I think he will always cause some kind of pain though, right?)

Sometimes it's more prevalent than other days and I can't pin point what the hell is going on.

I haven't changed anything related to my sleeping either. I have the same pillows and sleeping routine. (If you are interested, I sleep on my side and hug a pill and wrap the blankets around my feet. The BF mocks me for this routine but it's mine and not changing.)

It's better but now the pain is creeping up my neck to the right side of my head. Great, now my head is throbbing and no amount of pain killers is helping. What the hell is going inside this head of mine?

So, I'm taking any advice (other than seeing a doctor because clearly I need that) so send me your tips.

Beer me

What started out as an uneventful and lazy Sunday of watching the Browns game, somehow quickly turned into a search for beer tastings on the east side in honor of Cleveland Beer Week.

By the looks of my friend Michelle, we were just going to stay in and watch the Browns. Please note the scarf she is using as a belt for that damn Snuggie.

Me supporting my team in my new C.L.E Clothing Co. t-shirt

In the 4th quarter, somehow Brewzilla came up which then made everyone start asking about beer week events. Courtesy of my sweet iPhone (comes in handy in lots of cases), we found a tasting at Whole Foods and jumped in the car to go.

Patrice pouring our Thirsty Dog samples for only 25 cents!

Mike's beer drinking face

Boys admiring all the microbrews

Samples of Thirsty Dog Siberian Night (Way too dark for me)

Out of all the Thirsty Dog brews, my favorites were the Pumpkin Ale, and a tie between Raspberry Ale and Labrador Lager. I'm more of a pale ale kind of girl when it comes to my beer drinking. Plus, I like to sample beers in season and I can't get enough of the pumpkin ales right now.

Be sure to check out Cleveland Beer Week's events page for a listing of events all over, including Brewzilla which is the closing event and this Saturday at the Arcade, starting at 6 p.m. My friends and I all have a Halloween party but are seriously debating going to Brewzilla first and then to the party. Who doesn't love a beer event, anyway?

Friday Fodder

Friday, October 16, 2009
This gem of a post comes courtesy of the BF.

The next four minutes will bring you back to early 2000 when pop music was dominated by Carson Daly, TRL and the Backstreet Boys. Plus, it make you laugh your ass off.

What's also disturbingly funny is how well these boys know and love this song. You know they serenade their girlfriends or boyfriends with their rendition of this song.

Enjoy and happy Friday.

Damn you, Chuck Bass

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Since the start of Gossip Girl (love it), my girlfriends and I have been trying to institute a girls-watching-tv-weekly event.

Yesterday, was our second girls' night in and we enjoyed watching Chuck Bass in his three-piece suits, crocodile shoes and super sultry voice. Instead of our usual bottles of wine, we decided to mix it up courtesy of some new POM chocolate drink. Blue from POM contacted me to see if I wanted to taste test some flavors of POMx Iced Coffee: chocolate, cafe au lait or vanilla.

I'm not an overly huge I-only-drink-iced-coffee kind of girl but I AM a vodka martini drinker. When Blue mentioned mixing it in with cocktails, I was sold - not really a hard sell, right? Plus, I figured my friends wouldn't mind a little homemade martini on our GG nights anyway.

Michelle, the hostess with the mostess

POM and the mixer

Michelle, the hostess with the mostess, tasting the chocolate POM drink

Proof we can't make a decent chocolate martini

(DISCLOSURE: POM paid for samples and shipment. No payment, or request for a subsequent feature, or advertising, was received for this blog post.]

Crashing and burning

Because I like to highlight relationships gone bad, it's hard to ignore the train wreck that is the former marriage of the Gosselins. Holy unholy matrimony.

(Before this went bad, I was such a fan of the show. I watched it for the kids because they were so damn cute. I never really cared if Kate made fun of Jon or not. Sometimes a man needs to be bossed around. Just ask the BF! He's still around :))

Just when you thought they would proceed with a quiet divorce, Jon is giving interviews left and right to credible news sources such as the Insider and ET and Kate is crying that she's broke on the Today Show.

I have a few questions but my main question is: Where is Hailey at?

There are rumors she was getting her chest done but maybe she's actually watching the children or selling her story to US Weekly again. At least when she was around, I was interested in seeing what Jon was up to. Actually, it was more interesting to see what bad outfits she was wearing in public and all the sweet status updates she had on Facebook that other gossip sites would publish. Nothing says classy then a cig hanging out of your mouth rocking Ed Hardy.

Back to the recent bad interview. Enter Nancy Grace. Who in their right mind would counsel Jon to go against Nancy Grace!! Really? You aren't going to win against this crazy woman. She eats douches like you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have you seen how she treats other experts!? You would have a better option going up against Tyra Banks than Nancy Grace.

She even calls you out for your diamond earrings....errr.... but you correct her that they are CZ instead.

Want my two cents?

Stop giving interviews, watch your kids and get some really amazing legal representation because this is turning uglier faster than Lindsay blowing what's left of her earnings from the Parent Trap.

Oh, and bring back Hailey, K?

Sobering reminder

You know how people (meaning me) make fun of girls who go to the bathroom together in groups? I mean, how often are you at a bar or a restaurant and your girlfriend looks to you to be her bathroom partner? Happens allllll the time.

Personally, I've always been one who goes alone. I don't need anyone to hold my dress up while I pee - I can handle it, I'm a big girl. Or so I thought.....

Well, the next time I'm pulling the tough act, I may want to think again because of a friend's frightening yet very real story.

She and her friends were at Mercury at W.6th this past weekend and at the end of the night her friend went to the bathroom by herself. Nothing alarming yet, right? Just out with her friends having a fun night of drinking.

If you've never been to Mercury (save yourself a trip), the bathrooms are in the basement toward the front of the bar and the men's is before the women's. She entered the bathroom like many of us have before and at this point the bathroom attendant was either not there or was gone for the night. (They used to always have one.)

Of all the nights for the bathroom attendant to not be there!!!

As she was shutting the door, someone was pushing on the stall door to open it. No, it wasn't her friend or anyone she knew joking around. It was a complete male stranger who followed her and tried to assault her in the bathroom. After slamming her against the wall, she managed to fight him off and hide in the bathroom for a few minutes until she was sure he was gone and ran upstairs to her friends.

This is a sobering reminder that these situations happen all the time to women. Not only do we have to watch what freaks put in our drinks, we know have to watch ourselves in the bathrooms. I've heard about this happening in coed bathrooms in clubs, too, but I don't know that it's ever hit this close to home. I personally don't know the victim but I do know her friend, and she's still very shaken for herself and her friend.

It's all too often we hear these frightening stories and luckily nothing like this has ever happened to any of my girlfriends. Never on Spring Break in Florida or Acapulco or in my recent Vegas trip. We are the lucky ones.

So ladies, when you head out this weekend, go to the bathroom with your friends. With all of your friends for that matter. Take every one of them with you. After all, they are the best kind of protection to have sometimes.

turning the big 3-0

Well that was a quick September. I can pretty much define my September by cities I was in because that's how incredibly fast it went by. It's already October! I want my September back if nothing more than to enjoy wearing flip flops and skirts for the last time in 2009.

With the start of October came the BF's 30th birthday. That's right, readers, we celebrated the big 3-0 for the BF with the good hair. (I'm just stating the obvious.)

About 35 people headed downtown last night to Bier Markt to drink entirely too much alcohol, celebrate in his honor and watch my younger brother get hit on by women who were way too old for him. These ladies were not cougars at all. Not even close. My brother is 25 and they were well into hitting 40, which is completely fine, but please leave my brother alone.

That wasn't even the most disturbing part. (I'm having flashbacks.) Many of the BF's friends have never met my family, however, they didn't fail to mention to me that my BF looks like my brother who in turn looks my dad because they are twins.

Random friend: "Oh my god, your brother and boyfriend look like they could brothers."
Me: Rolling my eyes, "Ok, no they don't, not at all. Look at them."
Random friend: "Sorry, but they look like they could be brothers."

They don't look alike, they really don't. First off, the BF is 4 inches shorter than my dad and brother. My BF is Italian and Ukrainian and my dad and brother are Polish, Hungarian and Croatian. The only common thread is that they all have good hair and blue eyes. (There I said it, you all have good hair.)

To finally put this to rest, I'm throwing up a picture of all of us from last night so you can make the call.

Do they or do they not look-a-like?

because I love a good contest

While you guys are bored at work tomorrow or scanning your blogs through Google reader, do you feel like casting a vote? How about a vote for me?

(Insert shameless plug here.)

About a month ago, Metromix contacted me for this sweetest day contest for Cleveland's most interesting couples.

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. My first thought was "If I'm put up against LeBron and his baby mama, I don't have a chance in hell in winning my spa treatment."

I checked with the BF to make sure he didn't have any objections. I think he might've said, "Well, what is the prize?" Once I shared some of the prizes with him, he was in and said he "needed to approve all content" that I sent in.

Here's what else we can win.

"The winning couple, based on your votes, will receive a romantic prize package that includes dinner for two at Fahrenheit, an overnight stay at Kalahari Resort and a "beyond com-pair" spa package courtesy of Charles Scott."

So, when you are bored tomorrow or for the next two weeks, please vote once, twice or 45 times to put us at the top of the list because I'm dying for a free spa day.