12 month recap in one post

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Why hello there 2009! It was a good one but I'm ready to move on to a new decade! That's right, let's say goodbye to boy band pop music (I still love you 'Nsync), celebs going to rehab, shaving their heads and other non-actors sucking up all TV shows in the name of the word "reality."

I'm hoping for better movies and TV shows a la The Office and Community with a dash of Gossip Girls and less Kardashian staged drama and of that Jon. (That one who starts his name with "Go" and ends with "sselin."

Anyway, let's have my year in review:

The boyfriend learned to finally make the bed, penis pillow or not.

Destroying my property, one eye mask at a time

(At this point, the BF has caught that I'm doing a recap and suggesting posts I should include. The boy needs to get his own blog.)

Went to my first bull riding competition and sat right behind the gates

Paid a lot of money to see Britney lip-sync with my friends in Pittsburgh

Signed up and completed my first 10K - now onto the half marathon in May

No more fake and baking. It's all about the spray tan.

Received my new favorite toy and the bf's take on the iPhone 3GS new compass feature

Met my fairy fashion godmother, Justine, and held a Gap party for my friends complete with free jeans.

My mom is more excited to hear that I may be out with a blog friend, Cleveland's a Plum, then talk to me.

Katie and Morgan got married in Pittsburgh and Michelle and Mike got engaged in the woods which is why I'm not going there anytime with the BF.

Spent 3 days in Vegas with my friends and here's recap 1 and 2 of our days together

Ended the summer with dirty bread with my family

Dressed up as Lady Gaga for Halloween and on Halloween went to Boston with the BF

The BF turned 30 and I threw him a little party

Kicking off 2010 right, I'll be in Detroit to see Lady Gaga, turn 27 on January 18 (mark your calendars) and travel a little bit for work.

But, to end this year right, I'll be partying with friends, eating sushi and sipping on martinis as the ball drops.

i celebrated the holidays

Well, here is my Christmas Eve in pictures. It was a long weekend filled with family time, cocktails, laughter, yelling and beer. Did I mention Christmas ale? For some reason, I only have pictures of Christmas eve and stopped taking them after that, but I assure you I had a blast in the boyfriend's neck of the woods. He took me as his date to an annual Christmas party, consisting of several graduating classes of his Alma mater.

My standard line, "Hi, I'm Allison, don't worry, you don't know me because we didn't go to high school." I didn't say that a few times and played with their heads to make them think they should know me, but I only did with a select few. I didn't want to embarrass the BF too much in one evening.

Anyway, back to Christmas eve, I'm not sure what it is about Great Lakes Christmas Ale but it makes everyone stronger, funnier and better looking. And, most importantly, it makes any party better by 100 million times.

Now, to my family celebrating:

typical fireplace shot of my cousins

my brother on the left with 2 cousins, who can still kick his ass for me if necessary

action shot

Jamie doing the robot.

Told you Christmas ales were a bad idea. My brother grabbing an empty case of beer after my cousin knocked him on the concrete. On accident.

Climbing on top of the car

Placing the beer carton on top of my aunt's car.

Just your typical holiday festivities from Allison and her lovely family! Happy almost 2010.

Gel out

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
If you haven't heard about the Jersey Shore, you've been living under a rock and apparently not read a single newspaper or watched any primetime news program. (Yes, primetime news is covering this amazing gem of a TV show.)

Rewind back a few years and my friends and I found ourselves on spring break in the beautiful city of Acapulco. It was our senior year and the five of us were super excited to go - it was a hilarious trip with black mail pictures to prove it.

Anyway, apparently our college break aligned with Ohio State and every other New York and New Jersey schools. So, it was a bunch of midwest girls surrounded by Italian boys. We met a group of guys on the first day and hung out with them the whole week. Yes, they were Italian and from some school in New York (clearly not important at the time.) We are talking accents and all and sometimes I felt like we needed a translator.

Anyway, these boys didn't do the gel-hair-thing. So, they would yell at every other Italian who did (I think Pauly D was probably there) a guido.

Can you spot Pauly D?

Now, not being Italian, I was pretty sure it was odd that another Italian was calling an Italian a guido, right? Well I was schooled in the world of guidos by these boys and they assured me they weren't, but the fools who tattooed themselves with italian flags or tribal symbols, wore chains and gelled the hell out their hair, were in fact guidos.

Some of non-guidos with us

In order to fully understand the haaair, here is a video showing how Pauly D does his haaair on a daily basis with a step-by-step blow out. Be schooled, young ones, be schooled.

board games and cookies

It is officially the winter in Cleveland. We were hit a few inches of snow which always puts a damper on my going out mood. Do I really want to drive in crazy weather? Um, no, so our friends Lia and Jesse decided to have game night.

There really was little gaming and more drinking and eating, probably more drinking than anything. Like usual, right?

My friend Lia dresses her dogs. In Snuggies

a drunken game of apples to apples

And Jesse sharing the art of breaking a bag over your head

Oops on my part - party foul but you can't see it, right? Sorry Lia!

On Sunday, I headed west to my aunt's house to bake cookies with my three aunts and grandma. And by baking cookies, I mean I frosted, decorated and sampled several of the cookies. Someone had to test them, right?

the long list of cookies

A sampling of the baked goods

I helped by eating and frosting

frosting times 2

Check out the cool girl in the red dress NOT paying attention

This is week is a short work week for me because I'm taking some well-deserved PTO to prepare for this holiday weekend. Between spending time with my family and driving back and forth between the BF's house, I will need a few days of preparation for drinking and eating tons of delicious food.

Friday Fodder

Friday, December 18, 2009
I saw this video on a friend's blog and on Twitter. She might be the cutest girl of all time belting out her love of Michael Jackson. I especially love the fist pumping and eye closing for extra emphasis.

Too freaking cute.

Happy Friday!

ode to a cold

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Dearest immune system,

Hi, It's Allison. Remember me? The body in which you live. I think about now is a great time to talk about the apparent upset you feel inside of me. For the past two weeks you have failed me. I lost my voice somewhere after Thanksgiving and then you failed to fight off a nasty, hacking cough. (It's still lingering by the way.)

From there, it's pretty much been downhill. After thinking you'd come in to save the day, you failed again when I was coughing so hard I apparently injured my left ribs. Sweet, again, not cool.

After hoping you'd come to my rescue, I caved and made a doctor appointment. Not just any doctor appointment but an appointment that led to five prescriptions and a chest x-ray. Did I mention the medicine alone cost $80? (Yep, there goes someone's Christmas present. Hint Hint, BF.)

Anyway, it seems that the inhaler, steroids, cough syrup with codeine and two antibiotics can't fight off the cold either. So before I develop strep throat, which I feel coming on, I'd really appreciate it if you decided to kick back into action and save me from more doctor appointments, honey/lemon tea and a waste basket full of Kleenex.


1 holiday party down, several to go

The holiday parties have officially begun this weekend for me. This week alone I have to girls holiday dinner at TyFun Thai Bistro and at Benihana. Can you say delicious food and 20lb weight gain?

Back to this weekend though...my dear friend Danielle, the one who does a fabulous job on my hair, finally had her Christmas/housewarming party.

One word - it was a blast. BLAST! Between seeing all my friends, catching up, dancing to Lady Gaga (I did my little routine, yes I have one), playing catchphrase and drinking like we were in college, it was one long ass night. And, I'm also glad I didn't snap too many pictures but it would be embarrassing for everyone involved.

Catchphrase only lasted a few rounds because none of us could really concentrate and kept messing up by making fun of how bad some of us were. However, the BF landed on the most perfect word - hair gel. I started cracking up because it was too perfect. The BF and his hair....I should start a blog for those two things.

The hostess with my BF

one kick ass tree

posing together

a short lived game of catchphrase

what turned the night bad for several people

Yep, it wasn't a good one.

Let's just say the shot after that didn't go too well for two people, ahem Danielle and the BF, but it was fun to watch.

I have some very incriminating photos of the BF of later that night. Holy hilarious and he specifically instructed me not to post them. (They'll come out later somehow!)

So, the countdown to Christmas has started for me and I can't wait several get togethers I have planned. Christmas ale for everyone!

All I want for Christmas

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
For me, the allure of Christmas is gone. Long gone are the days are making lists, snooping around my parents' house for gifts and waking up early to see how many gifts Santa left me. (Yes, I would count and I think my mom must've known because my brother and I always had about the same amount of gifts.) I really enjoy giving presents and have half of my buying done. I still need to finish up the BF and his side of the family. I have a list of ideas and hope they like what I end up getting but if not, that's the beauty in giving the gift receipt, right?

I don't know what it is about the snooping but I haven't given that part up. The BF knows not to keep receipts or the gifts in the apartment. If they are in the apartment, he wraps them - amazing what he's learned, huh?

If the BF, err Santa, is reading my little blog, here are some ideas for you.

Bose Soundock for iPod
My parents have the Wave machine and it's amazing. This has been on my list for the last two years because we don't have sound system in our little apartment. That way, I can carry this from room to room and not have to blare the computer speakers. (My neighbors will appreciate it too.)

Over the knee boots
I have pretty large calves and love the slouchy boots. Yes! Finally! Boots that fit my 17" round calves. However, I'm looking all over for over-the-knee boots in the very popular size of 9.5 or 10 and still can't find the perfect pair, except of course these beauties at $1,995.

Nude heels
I've been looking to add a pair of platform nude heels to my shoe collection.

The Saturdays
Gotta love Perez Hilton for introducing me to the Spice Girls of 2009. Listen here and here for songs off the Saturdays new album.

Cavs tickets
Who doesn't want support their local winning team? And courtside would be even better!

Those are just the some of things on my list. What is on your list?

And feel to rock out to my favorite Christmas song -

dive bars gone bad

Remember when I was a blogger? Yea, me too.

I've been having way to much fun to find time to blog. Between Christmas shopping and busy weekends ahead, I might as well start planning my posts as I go. At least I know I will be posting.

This past weekend, my friends and I celebrated a big birthday- the big 3-0 for our friend Brad. His great girlfriend threw a kick-ass surprise party for all his friends and family.

He was completely surprised.

Smile - you will be on the blog. Boys deep in thought.

Later that night, the boys forced us to go to a lame bar. And by lame, I mean, it smells like urine and hasn't been cleaned since 1989. We never want to go to this bar with them. I pretty much always opt out.


The girls sit together at a table. We make small talk and check our phones to see if it's time to leave yet. The boys are in a different area talking and drinking with themselves, acknowledging the fact that we are giving them evil eyes. Then, we try to devise a plan to leave a car for one of them to drive, but quickly realize they have drank too much to safely drive home. So we go back to the drawing board, play the jukebox and I, of course, whip out my phone and tape the late night rapping to Notorious BIG.



What you are about to see is earth shattering.

It's crazy.

I can't believe it happened.

I'm speechless.

Years of hearing him say, "I'll never do that. You are crazy to participate. I'm staying off it."

Oh yeah, bf, well never say never.

I have video proof.