Forever 21 (at least in my mind)

Monday, January 25, 2010
Who loves a weekend recap? I do!

My friends and I decided to celebrate a few January birthdays on Saturday night. Normally, I make a huge deal out of my birthday for about a whole week if I can get away with it.

Since my birthday week consisted of bidding on a house and a short trip to some of the southern states, I didn't have a chance to claim my birthday like I normally do so I was excited to go out with everyone this weekend.

We all met up at the Willoughby Brewing Company and so did the rest of the surrounding cities. It was freaking packed - who knew EVERYONE wanted to celebrate my birthday!

Yesterday might have been the most perfect Sunday with the exception of the wet weather. A few friends and I went shopping together, but it was a completely leisurely experience and we spent at least 2 hours in Forever 21.

Let's talk about Forever 21. Clearly, I'm not 21 anymore but the clothes are so ridiculously affordable, so it's hard not to at least browse the store for trends. However, I'm pretty confident that the people who are buying the clothes buy for stick thin girls who are no taller than 5'3".

It's almost comical for me to try on skirts. Actually, it is quite comical because my ass pretty much hangs out for all to see. And no amount of leggings will save the outfit either. I'm pretty sure the only thing from Forever 21 that is appropriate for me to purchase are shirts, jewelry and shoes. Any of the tank tops, t-shirts or other dressy shirts fit me pretty well. Jackets are hit or miss because of my linebacker shoulders. But, I love my broad shoulders so I'll keep those over a faux leather jacket any day.

Happy Monday to all!


Lil' Woman said...

I like cruising around F21 but like you said they're either made for anorexics or midgets. I fit into the short category but my fat ass can not squeeze into most of those jeans or cutesy tops.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i'm a strictly accessories only forever21 lady.

i mean have you SEEN my ass?

Allison Blass said...

I don't even remember the last time I was in a Forever 21 store. But I hear good things about their trendy, cheap stuff, so maybe I should check them out. But I am 5'8" and on the plus side of things, so I don't think their clothes would work too well. But they have a plus-sized division now but I haven't looked at their clothes lately. Maybe something to check out later.

Yum Yucky said...

Forever 21? My teen keeps talking about this place. I better go see for myself, huh?

Oh wait. my ass may be too big for this place? Eh, I'll just buy for my kid then. :P

Allison M. said...

Lil woman - me too.

Alexa - are those where your sweet bracelets are from?

Allison Blass- Check out their site because they do have a plus size line. If you need a cheap belt, they are your place to go.

Yum Yucky - Your teen will love it, and so will your wallet.

LBluca77 said...

I think I’m too old for Forever 21 too. I still occasionally buy work pants, skirts, t-shirts and tanks though. I do though love the shorts they have every summer. They are so comfy. Last summer I think I bought like 7 pairs.

The last time I ordered from there the delivery driver could not get thru the gate so I had to go to the Post Office to pick up my package. It was kinda embarrassing being seen with a box that said Forever 21 all over it.

Katelin said...

i haven't been to forever 21 in a while, but i totally agree, the outfits are getting quite limiting these days if you don't want your ass hanging out, haha.

Bayjb said...

I go in to Forever 21 for jewelry only. Trying stuff on there just depresses me and makes me feel like I'm totally out of touch with kids that age. Seriously.

Fizzgig said...

bidding on a house.....ohhhh how exciting!!!!

i shop at old navy and dress barn. they dont make me feel old lol

Marie said...

Happy, happy belated birthday!!!

I've actually never shopped at Forever 21 and I've only been in that store once. For like 5 seconds.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Happy Birthday -- co-celebrations are SO much fun and I just may do something like that for my kids.

One BIG birthday party, for everyone!

Yeah, didn't go over very well with my kids...either.

I just hired someone for my club and you shoulda heard me when reading her past experience:

Forever 21
Hot Topic

My oldest LOVES Forever 21 (I love their tops and jewelry, too) and my middle girl adores Hot Topic (me, not so much!)

Anonymous said...

I love Forever 21! I can buy trendy crap without feeling guilty. I mean how can you turn down a cute necklace for like $2.80? It's downright impossible.