I saw a sign

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Since this is the month of my birth, I took a look at my sign, Capricorn, and realize I don't match any of the traits. For those of you who are born between December 22 and January 19 fall into this beautiful goat of a sign. (I'm on the 18th.)

I'm not overly superstitious and don't read too much into astrologers, but isn't it slightly odd that none of the traits match?

Let's take a look:
According to the all knowing Wikipedia, it says "Capricorn is considered a "feminine", negative (introvert) sign."

I'm about the farthest thing from an introvert. Have you met me?

Other traits of the Ram:
Good organizational skills; Neat & tidy; Practical; Realistic; Strong work ethic; Materialistic tendencies; Conventional; Respects authority; Egotism; Cruel taskmaster; Servility; Excessive perfectionism

Out of all those listed, I would consider myself realistic, respects authority, strong work ethic and materialistic tendencies. I laughed out loud at "good organizational skills" and "neat and tidy."

The likes and dislikes are even more inaccurate and hilarious
Simple food; Antiques; History; Responsibility; Not being pressured; Unconditional love; Privacy; Elitism; Family

Untidiness; Disorder; Being teased; Familiarity; Surprises; New ideas & paths; Loneliness; Being useless; Public embarrassment

With this upcoming birthday, I'm taking my sign back and assigning myself a new one: Aquarius. Because I'm at the end of Capricorn being born on the 18th, I think I'm more of an Aquarius at heart.

Case in point - Aquarius is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. (Yes that's me, that's me!)

Good communication skills; Sociable; Idealist; Tactless; Desires change; A utopian (I like to talk, meet people, sometimes stick my foot in my mouth and like to change things up from my wardrobe to the way I drive home.)

Fame; Themselves; Privacy; Dreams; Magic; Change; Eccentricity; Surprises; Living within their means (The first two make me laugh! I keep things to myself, have interesting dreams, love a little witch craft, big bold jewelry and small or large surprises.)

Emotion; Intimacy; Show-offs; Taken for granted; Being 'pinned down'; Violence; Senseless extravagance (I'm not overly emotional or easily show my feelings, but I'm working on that every day, slowly but surely. I don't like feeling tied down, hate violence but I do love a great expensive hand bag or pair of shoes every once in awhile.)

What do you think about astrology? Do you believe in in it, fit your sign or want to take a new one like me?


heidzilla said...

two things: my husband is a capricorn too and i don't think he's ANY of those things either. also, i'm an aquarius, and think i do fit most of those :) btw, aquarius' are an air sign and tend to get along very well with others, and most other signs.

Bite Buff said...

We'll gladly acccept you as a fellow Aquarius! I'm not a big believer, but I do have to say that most of the descriptions that I read about my sign are accurate to a point. I think it's so interesting. And I'm a sucker for a good handbag and big accessories too- so you must be destined to be an Aquarian lol.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

sometimes believe and sometimes i don't - depends.

i'm a cancer though, and the thing that cancers are most known for being a homebody...

um, yeah. not so much.

Shoes Always Fit said...

I'm another capricorn and I agree that I'm not like the sign at all. Neat and organized? Not so much. But I do dislike loneliness and being useless. And like you, I have a strong work ethic.

My friend has a great book that compares your sun sign with your moon sign which might give a more accurate picture. Or it could all be a bunch of bolonga.

Then again, we're supposed to have a 5-star day today according to the PD, so thats not so bad.

Fizzgig said...

lucky for you you are right at the end. I believe it is common practice in astrology to take the next closest sign and claim it as your own when you are close to another like that.

see if you are anything like the next sign.

Im a sagg. I'm pretty much the typical sagg. Except that i dont mind being tied down, like in a relationship. i dont like being told what to do...theres a difference.

i pretty much get along w/no other sign but libra, and i have only dated one libra, and am giving that a go again. were like unstoppable!

i heart astrology.

365 days of astrology is a good book...it tells about the day you were born! that ones eerie!

We Blog Conference said...

My birthday is the 19th. :-) I am definately hard-headed like the poor goat, but most of my things fall in the aquarius, also. LOL!

The Modern Gal said...

I think I read somewhere if your birthday falls near the end or beginning of the sign, you sometimes have the qualities of the adjacent sign.

I'm a Cancer and it somehow fits me to a tee. I hate that its represented by a crab and a symbol that looks liek a 69 though.

All Lacquered Up said...

Like the others have said, since you're on the cusp you can go both ways (mind out of the gutter, please, there's only room for me).

I am pretty much a typical Gemini and I believe to a certain extent. Not in those generalized horoscopes that are supposed to apply to millions of people but I've had my star chart read in the past and some of it has been very spot on.

Then again, you have to consider the power of suggestion. Did those things happen because of the stars or because they were put in my head? Who really knows?

Justine said...

I could see you as an Aquarius- I'm one of those too

CC said...

my b day is the 25th and i am a textbook aquarius. my bff is huge into astrology and according to her you would be a "cusp" baby meaning you need to look at traits from both. also, evidently, at different points in your life you become different signs. it's weird...

LBluca77 said...

I'm a Scorpio and I fit the Scorpio mold perfectly. I completely believe in horoscopes, I get mine emailed to me every day.

PomJob said...

I'm a Leo by birth but Aquarius seems to describe me pretty well. I get in trouble all the time at work because I'm too aggressive for my passive coworkers. I like to think there should be a happy medium between the two extremes and it shouldn't always be my fault.

Lil' Woman said...

I'm an Aries and mine pretty much is right on track! :)

Marie said...

Don't really believe in horoscopes but they are fun to read.

Especially when you're a Gemini. Since apparently we're of two minds, one never knows what they're going to get!

Bayjb said...

I don't know if I totally believe it in but I definitely align with my sign, Virgo. Actually I'm on the leo/virgo cusp but I associate more with Virgo. I'm always curious what it says about me (my sign) because it's pretty dead on in most areas

Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

had no idea you had this lil gem here! Hope you are well and hope to see you out and about soon ;)


OHmommy said...

Ha. I'm a cancer like Alexa and I am very much of a home body. Although I never really studies astrology. Maybe I should.

Katie said...

I am an Aries through and through (March 29).

Krysten Hartenstein said...

I'm a virgo and I feel like I fit that almost COMPLETELY. But I've always felt like you have to take this stuff with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

I am so a capricorn. My bday is the 20th, so technically I'm aquarius based on this scale (sometimes I'm listed as Capricorn, I'm on the cusp.) But I definitely meet all the capricorn characteristics to a T.

Amy said...

I am a textbook Sagittarius, which is my sign. I love horoscopes, though I'm not obsessed. I think they're really fun to read, more-so for the past to see how the stars really did affect my life. It intrigues me!

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