there goes the neighborhood

It's started. We, the BF and I, have started to look into buying a house. It all started with a conversation last year that we should start thinking about it. After renting for three years and the BF for seven years, we decided that after the new year we would start house hunting.

Well, that came this weekend.

We agreed on a general location and enlisted a realtor (and friend) to walk us through a few houses.

Have you ever looked for a house? Holy overwhelming. There are so many amenities to consider, trade up and straight give up all with one purchase. Not only the good things but questions I never saw myself asking or stating out loud.

Me, wondering out loud for everyone to hear:
"How old is the roof?"
"I don't think I can maneuver with into that garage."
"This bedroom could my own personal closet with racks for my clothing and makeup counter."

The BF's answers:
"Why? You hire people to fix that. It's not like you will be up on the roof."
"You can park on the right and I'll park on the left. That way, you just back straight down the driveway.
"Great, that way all your shit stays in one room and the bathroom will be cleaner."

So, we looked at nine houses this weekend and really only agreed on one that we both really liked. Agreed is the key word.

Picking a restaurant is one thing. Buying some furniture is another. The BF and I are both very vocal, stubborn (I'm less though) and strong-willed. For instance, I say white wine, he says red. I say get it now, he says let's wait awhile. I say green grapes, he says red.

Basically, we don't agree all the time. It's pretty standard. However, the past few days after meeting with the realtor, making a list of wants, agreeing on neighborhoods and seeing the first few houses has been relatively low key.

Hopefully week two goes smoothly along with the mortgage meeting tomorrow....

Happy Monday to you all.


Fizzgig said...

buying a house is such a tough decision to make! Especially with someone else! its hard to agree on everything, but youll know when you see the right one.

it is just like love. you jsut know!

good luck!

But call me Carrie. said...

Good luck with the hunt!! And have fun while you are doing it!!! My BF and I bought a house together last May (we are mortgage married now, but still living in good ole sin) and it was an interesting process. We definitely wanted and liked different things, but ended up with a happy compromise of a house. Can't wait to hear more about your hunt!

Mark said...

When we moved here from Toledo I looked at 10 houses in one day. That was insane. I will say that when you walk into a house you just know it which one you will end up in. It's the same with relationships. You just know.

As for the disagreements this sounds like the perfect relationship or the basis of what makes a perfect relationship. Not that I'm comparing or saying mine is perfect, but trust me because I'm coming up on 10 years of marriage.

Good luck with the house hunting.

Sarah said...

Good luck! I walked through almost 50 houses before I found mine, so don't get discouraged.

Christina K said...

Congrats! Now's the perfect time to buy for new homeowners. Please, please please get an inspection even if it's not required. And, remember to look at the "bones" of the house and not get caught up on cosmetic stuff. Walls can be painted, unwallpapered, light fixtures can be changed, tile can be replaced. Also keep in mind that the bank might tell you you're approved for a loan higher than you can really afford. Keep in mind that utilities add a lot more to your monthly budget, particularly gas. I'm done being a mom now. :)

Shoes Always Fit said...

Just a tip from someone whose been (being...) burned by owning a house with another person - Try to get something you can afford on either one of your incomes. That way if something (god forbid) happens, you're not stuck with something you can't afford and have to get rid of.

Otherwise, how exciting! Buying a house was one of the greatest experiences. I loved the process and being a home owner.

Good luck to you both!

AnnJames said...

Oh congratulations! That's awesome that you're starting to look! I bought a condo on my own in 2008 and the bf has been looking for a place of his own for a few months now. One word of recommendation - don't go with Bank of America... I know, that sounds crazy, but I've only heard terrible things about them. My experience with them was relatively painless compared to others, and I almost didn't close because they lost some of my documentation. BF lost a house recently because of them!

But yes, you're right - Holy Overwhelming!! It took me a few months to find something I loved, and when I did, it just felt like home :) Good luck!! You'll find something you both love, I'm sure of it :)

jamie said...

Congrats on the big step! That is so exciting. I'll be crossing my fingers you guys find something you both adore!

Katelin said...

oh house hunting is so exciting. but yeah i can't imagine when matt and i eventually start looking and all the things we will and won't agree on, o the compromises, haha. good luck!

Lil' Woman said...

How exciting....good luck with everything!

mcm.hannah said...

Allison! Good luck! You will know when it is the one. It took us fives months to find our house and another five before we finally closed! We moved yesterday. Holy long process. Hope yours is smoother...

Bayjb said...

WOW so exciting! I stated condo hunting and that was overwhelming. I can only imagine it being a full house. Keep us posted!

steph anne said...

Definitely been there before! It truly is overwhelming but exciting at the same time. I think the most difficult thing for me was that you can't buy a house overnight and move in the next day. When I want something - I want it now or soon not a month later after 1,000 papers signed.

Good luck and it's really the perfect time to buy!! We're on a fixed-interest rate for 30 years with low payments!

Marie said...

Oh wow lady! I wish you two the best of luck in finding something you both agree on and like a big lot!